Another French False Flag?

Experts tell Anadolu Agency the fears that ‘terror attacks’ are being orchestrated to demonize Muslims ‘must be considered seriously and investigated’

Nice Mayor  Christian Estrosi spoke of “Islamo-fascism” and said the suspect had “repeated endlessly ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is greatest)”. [First sign of Zionist false flag]

Mayor of Nice accused of 'stigmatising' Muslim population

Mayor of Nice (left) accused of ‘stigmatizing’ Muslim population. He is the recipient of a Doctorate Honoris Causa from the University of Haifa in Israel. He is a Knight of the Legion of Honour from the French Republican, an Officer of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, and a Commander of the Order of Saint-Charles from Monaco

Three people have died in a knife attack at a church in Nice, in what French President Emmanuel Macron said was an “Islamist terrorist attack”.

He said France would not surrender its core values after visiting the Notre-Dame basilica in the southern city. An extra 4,000 troops are being deployed to protect churches and schools.

France was tested to its core Thursday with the coronavirus still raging, a new lockdown set for midnight, and the city of Nice the site of a horrific terror attack.

Three people — two women and a man — were brutally murdered at the Basilica of Notre Dame de l’Assomption in France’s southern city at 9 a.m. Several others were wounded before police shot and arrested the perpetrator, who remains hospitalized.

French President Emmanuel Macron (L) embraces Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at a press conference in Jerusalem on January 22, 2020, – Israel will lobby key leaders at this week’s 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz on what it considers one of the gravest modern threats to the Jewish people: Iran.

President Emmanuel Macron arrived on the scene in the afternoon and paid tribute to the victims, calling the event “an Islamist terrorist attack” and expressing that he had brought the “support of the whole nation to the Catholics.”

The National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office immediately opened an investigation and Prime Minister Jean Castex placed France under an emergency level counter-terrorism plan.

French police also shot dead a man wielding a knife in the city of Avignon just after 11 a.m. Thursday. The officers asked the man to throw down his weapon and fired on him when he failed to comply.

Another man with a knife attacked a security guard at the French consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, causing injuries.

The day ended with yet another huge spike in coronavirus infections, according to France’s Ministry of Health. France is set to enter its second lockdown as of midnight Thursday for the next month, with COVID-19 cases as well as deaths rising over the past weeks, at times exponentially.

As of Thursday evening, 47,637 cases of infection were reported, a rise of 11,200 over Wednesday. Total infections now stand at 1,282,769.

Mayor of the southern Frency city of Nice Christian Estrosi takes part in the 10th national convention of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (CRIF – Conseil Representatif des Institutions juives de France) on November 17, 2019, at Le Palais des Congres in Paris. (Photo by Michel Stoupak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Also, French people will only be allowed to leave their homes for food shopping, medical appointments, pressing family reasons and to commute to work when the job cannot be done from home, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Thursday ahead of a new Covid-19 lockdown starting at midnight. 


A timeline of recent false flags in France

October 2020: French teacher Samuel Paty is beheaded outside a school in a suburb of Paris

September 2020: Two people are stabbed and seriously hurt in Paris near the former offices of Charlie Hebdo, where Islamist militants carried out a deadly attack in 2015

October 2019: Radicalised police computer operator Mickaël Harpon is shot dead after stabbing to death three officers and a civilian worker at Paris police headquarters

July 2016: Two attackers kill a priest, Jacques Hamel, and seriously wound another hostage after storming a church in a suburb of Rouen in northern France

July 2016: A gunman drives a large lorry into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, killing 86 people in an attack claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group

November 2015: Gunmen and suicide bombers launch multiple co-ordinated attacks on the Bataclan concert hall, a major stadium, restaurants and bars in Paris, leaving 130 people dead and hundreds wounded

January 2015: Two Islamist militant gunmen force their way into Charlie Hebdo’s offices and shoot dead 12 people

Were the “terrorist attacks” in Paris and San Bernardino false flag operations? Most of this book’s 27 contributors say “yes.” Though the government, academy, and mainstream media are afraid to explore the evidence, these 27 leading public intellectuals – including former high-level government officials, professors, and journalists – fearlessly explain how and why our own governments are slaughtering us in horrific terror events set up to be falsely blamed on “radical Muslim” patsies.

From the Pentagon’s “Operation Gladio,” a US military program which orchestrated almost all of the high-profile “terrorist attacks” during the Cold War, to the post-9/11 era, abundant evidence indicates that most terrorism is created by governments and falsely blamed on their enemies. The motive: Roll back freedom, promote authoritarian leadership, and prepare the public for war.

In this book, former CIA counter-terrorism officers Philip Giraldi and Robert David Steele, leading economic advisor to President Reagan Paul Craig Roberts, and two dozen other top analysts question the official stories of what happened in Paris on 11/13/15 and in San Bernardino on 12/2/15.

This book was published on the first anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. It follows on the heels of We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11, which garnered praise from 9/11 researcher leader David Ray Griffin, international law professor Richard Falk, and former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, among other luminaries.

ANOTHER French False Flag, and We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo, have pioneered a new genre: “Open-Source Intelligence” projects that expose big false flags shortly after they happen. Why is this necessary? Normally, false flags are designed so that the Official Story is hammered deep into the public mind in the immediate aftermath of the event, when people are in a state of shock and susceptible to mass hypnosis. If critics wait too long to express a skeptical view, it will fall on deaf ears. So if we want to win the “infowar” by spreading the truth, we need to act as quickly as possible. These books do that.

ANOTHER French False Flag is a monument to free speech in a time of cowardice and censorship (especially self-censorship). Editor Kevin Barrett, who was driven out of the University of Wisconsin by Republican politicians for questioning 9/11, has been attacked indirectly by French President François Hollande in anti-conspiracy-theory tirades, and named as one of the five most dangerous “conspiracy intellectuals” in the world by Hollande’s think tank, the Jean Jaurés Institute.

That hasn’t stopped Barrett from repeatedly flying to Paris to give interviews (in French) and participate in conferences in which he tells the French people that it is Hollande’s government and its foreign allies—NOT “radical Muslims”—who have been mass-murdering them in their streets, offices, stadiums, cafés and nightclubs.

As a challenge to the censors, Barrett has chosen to include a very wide variety of perspectives in this book. Most readers will find something in it challenging, disagreeable, perhaps even offensive. And that is when free speech matters most. As the spurious Voltaire quote has it, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

ANOTHER French False Flag and its predecessor We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo are the most important books the truth movement has produced since the 2002 – 2005 period that gave us the seminal works of Thierry Meyssan, Nafeez Ahmed, David Ray Griffin, and Webster Tarpley. As former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer says, “Today’s Western governments and mainstream media are not trustworthy. If you want the truth, you need to read books like this.”

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