Netanyahu is coming back

“My friends and I will establish a nationalistic government led by Likud. A government that will take care of you, all of Israel’s citizens without exception, a government that will lower taxes, lower prices, lead to great accomplishments. And more than anything, a government that will bring back the national pride so that you can walk the streets with your head held high.” 

At the end of the day, Netanyahu is the master of political survival. He managed to serve as the Prime Minister in Israel’s chaotic multi-party system for the longest time. It was followed by the ongoing, ten-month long hiatus. But it seems that Netanyahu is going to come back, after all.

What we’re seeing in Israeli politics and have seen since 2000, when the last Labor government ruled Israel, is the rise of a permanent far-right majority.

Not a majority within the populace, but a ruling majority cobbled together from various right and farther right strands of Israeli nationalist discourse.

If we’re honest we realize that there is no electoral left or even center in Israeli politics.

There is only right and farther right.

The Israeli nationalists have so dominated the discourse with their national security mantra that no alternative can develop until there is a peace treaty.

That is one of the reasons, whether consciously or unconsciously, the Israeli right can never allow peace.

It would sound the death knell to their political hegemony.