The US is Fast Becoming Another Israel

United States President Joe Biden has finally owned up to being a Zionist. This is no surprise.

He wears his apathy for the Palestinians like a Victorian Cross.

Besides, American presidents are either pro-Zionist or like Biden, a Zionist.

What is troubling, though, is how pleased he is in helping Israel stay an apartheid regime.

Again, we shouldn’t be surprised.

The US is fast becoming another Israel. There, criticising Zionism is considered antisemitism, like in Israel.

Boycotting Israel is also turning out to be against the law as the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), a movement for Palestinian justice, is finding out.

Last month a US appeals court upheld an Arkansas law that bars the state’s contractors from boycotting Israel.

The court cleverly sidestepped the idea of free speech guaranteed by the US Constitution’s First Amendment by calling it a commercial activity.

Will the US Supreme Court be similarly clever? We will see, but know this.