Say No to Antisemitism!

“We saw them as foreigners who came from Europe more than as Jews.”

In our own days there is a Zionist leader (Begin), whose arrogance and selfishness is more important than anything else to him, and for which he is prepared to sacrifice hundreds and thousands of Jews.

These heretics and evildoers, this Zionist leader of a state that killed the Judaism of the Yemenite and Moroccan Jews, and of many other Sephardic Jews!

How the Ashkenazi exterminated thousands of Sephardic Jewish children.

This is the work of these thugs and gangsters.

Everyone must know that the anger of the Arabs against us is only caused by the Zionists! -Rabbi Boruch Kaplan, Principal of Bais Yaakov (1911-1996)*

The original Palestinian Jewish Rabbis were opposed to a “Jewish State”. They were booted from their posts.

The 1948 Nakba (catastrophe) occurred when more than 700,000  indigenous  Palestinians (semites) were ethnically cleansed from their land, homes, villages and cities by the newly born Jewish State.

The Palestinian Jews also reject the swarm of foreign Jews.

The Palestinian Jews also reject the swarm of foreign Jews.

Between 400 and 600 Palestinian villages were wiped out while urban Palestine was almost entirely extinguished. 

The Nakba was fuelled by a crude racist agenda, namely Zionism.

Seven decades later millions of Palestinians are living in refugee camps in Palestine, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.


  Before the advent of Zionism and Arab nationalism, Jews and Palestinians lived in peace in the holy land.

Menachem Klein’s new book maps out an oft-forgotten history of Israel/Palestine, and offers some guidance on how we may go back to that time.

 The European foreigners who came here were the ones to form a wedged between the partners to this quasi-utopia.

Yeshayahu Peres, who put together the historical-geographical encyclopedia of the Land of Israel, complained that when the Ashkenazi Jews immigrated they brought with them their customs, clothing, and lifestyle, and did not adapt to the cultures of Palestine: “They speak Yiddish and maintain the Jewish street accent of their home countries.

They are different from their Sephardic brothers not only in language and appearance but also in their worldview.”
Or take Palestinian activist Ghada Karmi, who says: “We knew they were different from ‘our Jews,’ I am talking about the Arab Jews.
We saw them as foreigners who came from Europe more than as Jews.”

Klein writes that the Zionist establishment invented and nurtured the idealistic image of the Jews as Hebrew-speaking tzabars — as opposed to the Arab Jew.

The myth of the tzabar was formed by a culture of immigrants who wanted to see themselves as natives.

Maps were redrawn and Arab names of places were ignored or changed to Hebrew names.

This was done not only to transform the immigrants into natives, but also to inherit the place of those who were here before.

When Yosef Shlush, one of the founders of Tel Aviv, complained that he was attacked by Arabs, the heads of Jaffa’s Arab clans responded: “Who is at fault for all these incidents if not the Bolsheviks you brought from Moscow?”