Police rescue Sarah Netanyahu as protesters surround Tel Aviv hair salon

Police are called to extract Sara Netanyahu from a Tel Aviv hair salon after it was surrounded by anti-government protesters.

Demonstrators surround the salon chanting slogans against the government.

“The country is burning and Sara is getting a haircut,” they chant.

The incident comes as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a statement to the nation, comparing protesters in Tel Aviv to settlers who rampaged through a Palestinian town earlier in the week.

It was recently reported that the Shin Bet security force as bolstered security around the prime minister and his family.

“The people at the protests are hooligans, screaming ‘death to Bibi and Sara,’ screaming rude words,” Netanyahu added.

“This isn’t like the demonstrations by social workers or the self-employed, who did it in a cultured way,” she said.

“The protesters in Jerusalem ‘are doing lines [of cocaine], doing drugs,'” Netanyahu said, and the television stations are “painting them in a positive light.”