Iran today, Tomorrow Palestine

These days, Israel is facing many problems within itself, instability in the cabinet, mismanagement in the governing bodies, inability to deal with the spread of the coronavirus, and internal disputes among the parties, the main cause of instability and uncertainty and uncertain future of the Zionism.

In the military field, Israel, which had introduced itself to the world as the most powerful military element in the region through extensive propaganda, is today surrounded in various ways and powerless against Palestinian rocket fire and the axis of resistance. And its so-called iron dome has become completely inefficient.

In the field of foreign relations, the Zionist regime has lost its friends, including Russia, and even its relations with its main supporter, the United States, do not have the former conditions.

The American people, especially the Jews, are not as supportive of Israel as in the past, and the formation of anti-Israel movements inside the United States shows the isolation of this regime among the Jews of the world.

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The occupier regime’s racist actions against Arabs in the Occupied Territories, which have been frequently censored in the news, have been so prominent in the past two years that human rights groups and Amnesty International, a pro-US and pro-Zionist organization, have acknowledged that Apartheid exists systematically in Israel.

Pieces of evidence suggest that internal and external problems, the continuing resistance and struggle of the Palestinian people, and the revelation of the racist approach of the Zionist regime are all among the factors that have accelerated the decline of this regime, and it will not be long before Israel, like South Africa It is gone and the world will see the liberation of Palestine.

South Africa’s racist regime survived the apartheid era, under the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe, and the collapse of apartheid and the victory of blacks were far from expected.

But with the continuation of resistance and anti-apartheid struggles and the support of the international community for the referendum to determine the future system of the country, the racists were defeated and blacks and whites began a new life by voting for the collapse of the apartheid regime.

Today, following the resistance and struggles of the Palestinian people, the conditions for the implementation of the plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the occupied territories are gradually being prepared.

The plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was unveiled by Ayatollah Khamenei on September 30, 2012, at the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran, has been registered in the United Nations and has found many fans among the world’s elites.

The plan is based on democracy and proposes that in democratic action and based on public opinion, all the people of the Occupied Territories, including Muslims, Christians, Jews, and refugees in other countries, such as Jordan, participate in a referendum.

Determine the future of the Occupied Territories. Naturally, in order to reach the referendum stage, the resistance of the Palestinian people and the support of the Islamic countries for the axis of resistance is a priority and a necessity.

In other words, the continuation of the resistance will pave the way for a referendum.

The persuasion of Western institutions, such as Human Rights Watch, to institutionalize apartheid in the Occupied Territories is a clear indication of the common destiny of the Zionist regime and the apartheid regime in South Africa. There is no doubt that the apartheid regime in Israel is on the same path as the African racists.