The Occupation Has Defeated the [illegal] State of Israel

No such thing as “Israel”

Gideon Levy excerpt

The occupation gave birth to the new, generic Israeli wheeler-dealer: a bully, accountable to no one.

Aggressive, usually ignorant.

Dismissive of law and order, of the world.

Everything is permitted, including lying, for the sake of the Land of Israel.

Corruption was also born there, between the Dotan Valley and the South Hebron Hills.

The illegal invading occupiers. Send them back on the boat they rode in on.

It’s not that there were no thieves and murderers before the Yesha Council of settlements, but judicial rot, deceit as a norm, theft as being politically correct and of course violence as a legitimate and even revered phenomenon – these all flourished in the occupation.

If it is permitted there, then why not here?

Those who were trained to burn and shoot in Hawara as a first and preferred option will not easily let go of this a few kilometers to the west.

It’s very sad that the majority of the protest camp has not yet recognized this.