Biggest Jew Murder Operation Since 2002! Bombing the Camps!

Jenin, Jenin (2002) from Palestine Film Institute

[Admin disclaimer: I personally do not refer to Zionists as Jews but only as Zionists. According to Torah Jews they are not Jews but mongrel athiest antisemites]

JULY 4, 2023

The blood drinking Jews have started yet another operation of mass-murdering innocent Arabs for no reason.

Literally: what is the reason???

They don’t appear to have even tried to give an explanation this time.


Israeli forces launched what a military source said is its largest military operation in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin in more than 20 years, killing at least nine people and injuring about 100 others, according to Palestinian officials.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement it launched the ongoing “extensive counterterrorism effort in the area of the city of Jenin and the Jenin Camp,” striking “terrorist infrastructure.”

The IDF carried out around 10 airstrikes using drones, and hundreds of soldiers targeted what it said was a militant “command and control” center as well as weapons and explosive manufacturing sites.

Videos obtained by CNN from Jenin show Israeli bulldozers tearing up streets to disarm potential explosives, as well as Israeli tanks outside the city limits.

Residents told CNN there were explosions and heavy gunfire in the area, while video from the scene showed wounded Palestinians being evacuated by ambulance to Jenin Government Hospital.

Hundreds of Palestinian families fled the area amid the destruction; Jenin deputy mayor Mohammed Jarrar said homes and infrastructure had been destroyed, cutting off electricity and water in the refugee camp.

Duha Turkman, a 16-year-old Jenin resident, said they were given two hours to evacuate.

“We ran out with people from the camp, so many children walked with their parents while terrified and crying, they didn’t understand what was happening to them and why,” she told CNN.

“Many were missing; families were looking for members that they couldn’t get in contact with due to the electricity cut.”

These Jews will bulldoze your homes, drive you into a camp, then bomb the camp.


And they want to whine about Hitler?

Hitler never destroyed the Jew houses and never bombed his own Jew camps.

Also: these Arabs used to control Palestine and live in peace. Hitler had a good reason to put Jews in camps.

It’s very obvious that the Jews are doing this during the French riots because white people will connect the two things, like “well, they’re winning in France, but at least the Jews are telling them what for over there in Palestine.”



As an anti-Semite, I have no trouble distinguishing between two situations.

They’re literally opposites, in terms of the Arabs – in one situation the Arabs were invaded, in another situation, the Arabs invaded.

In terms of the Jews – both situations were caused by the Jews. It was the Jews’ idea to make an Arab France.

But 100%, these Jews know that Fatmericans and others will see the situation and France and then think it justifies the Jews killing Palestinians.

The narrative should be: these Arabs fighting in France should go defend Palestinians.

On some level, you could try to say that the Arabs as a race are bringing this on themselves.

But even that I don’t really go along with.

The Arabs in France can say that the French are working with the Jews and therefore deserve this war they’ve brought, and that is more true than “the Arabs brought it on themselves.”

Overall, I view Arabs as a non-threat, and Jews as the source of a virtually infinite number of existential threats.

So obviously, I support whites, and I support whites rising up and fixing the problem in France.

But only if they’re going to be right-wing and Christian and throw off the Jew shackles.

Otherwise, France would be better off under Islamic occupation.

Jews are already pushing the narrative that this is the fault of Iran:


Imagine you’re invading and bulldozing a refugee camp, then saying “look at these weapons – can you believe this people were thinking of fighting back???”

The nerve of these Jews is like the stars in the sky.