‘RFK Jr Needs to Really Get Off the Crack Pipe’

People’s Party Presidential candidate Cornel West criticized Robert Kennedy Jr. on Thursday while speaking about the Democratic presidential candidate’s stance on Israel and Palestine and said, “He needs to really get off the crack pipe.”

“You want a presidential candidate, and I think you just want this in any human being, to have backbone, to have integrity, to have consistency, not to check what you deeply believe after you’ve had some dialogue or discourse with a group of people or community that’s going to be shaping and molding how you perceive the world,” West said while speaking on the Bad Faith Pod.

“If he [Kennedy Jr.] thinks somehow that each [Palestinian] baby who was killed somehow was never in any way, intentional, deliberate, they didn’t know what they were doing…he needs to really get off the crack pipe.”

The comments by West come shortly after Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) faced some criticism for expressing support for former Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters, who has widely expressed his distaste for Israel and shown support for Palestine.

Shortly after, Kennedy Jr. deleted his tweet and when asked about it he said, “I made the tweet applauding Roger Waters‘ courage in opposing the Covid mandates and the Ukraine war. I was unaware of his position on Israel. And when I learned that I immediately took it down.”