The UAE govt betrayed both the Islamic world and Palestine

Ahmed Al Mansuri, founder of Crossroads of Civilization private museum, passes by a painting presenting UAE and Israel friendship at an exhibition commemorating the Jewish Holocaust in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Wednesday, May 26, 2021. Israel’s top diplomat to the United Arab Emirates attended a ceremony in Dubai on the grounds of the Arabian Peninsula’s first permanent exhibition to commemorate the Holocaust. Hours earlier, he’d attended an event establishing a joint venture between an Israeli and Emirati.

The UAE betrayed the world of Islam, the Arab world, regional countries and the Palestinian cause.

What the UAE government did is a stain of dishonor.

Of course, their policy will not work.

By Allah’s favor, it will not last long, but the stain will be forever marked on the foreheads of those who carried it out.

They committed an act of betrayal.

What they did was really bad as they helped the Zionists set foot in the region and they consigned the very important issue of Palestine – which is about usurping a country and rendering an entire people homeless: is this a minor crime? – to oblivion by normalizing relations with the Zionists.

The Palestinian nation, whether in Gaza or in the so-called occupied lands – of course, the entire Palestine is part of these occupied lands, but let us take the case of the lands that are conventionally referred to as occupied lands – is under strict pressures from all perspectives.

For example, the Zionists engage in building Jewish settlements and other such measures.

That is while the UAE rulers have reached an agreement with the Israelis and with malicious American Zionists who connive with the Israelis – such as the Jews in the Trump family.

They are unfortunately working against the interests of the world of Islam and they are treating regional issues with abject cruelty.

We should not help them, but the UAE rulers have helped this happen.

I hope that they wake up soon and make up for what they have done.