Netanyahu “asks” Musk to denounce “antisemitism” on X

Musk said that free speech is necessary for an effective democracy, even if a person disagrees with it, a point that Netanyahu said he agreed with.

Musk added that he is “against attacking any group,” and “anything that promotes hate and conflict.

Everyone should have this view,” in response to a prompt from Netanyahu that Musk is “committed” to fighting anti-semitism.

Instead, he said, he is committed to making humans into a space-faring civilization.

Musk added that hate speech won’t be promoted on X, formerly Twitter, because it is not what people want to see on the platform.

Musk has alleged that the pro-Jewish advocacy group, the Anti-Defamation League, accused him of anti-semitism and promoting hate speech on X, which Musk denies.

Musk said he laughs more about stuff he sees on X than anything else, which is a “good thing,” but added that among the hundreds of millions of posts every day, some of them “are going to be bad.”