Another Zionist Holocaust

Zionist political violence refers to politically motivated violence or terrorism[1][2] perpetrated by Zionists.

The term is used to describe violence committed by those who support the political movement of Zionism, and violence committed against opponents of Zionism.

The violence often takes the form of terrorist attacks and has been directed against both Jewish and Arab targets.

The most active period of most notable Zionist political violence began on June 30, 1924, through the 1940s, and continues to the present day, usually for the purpose of expanding Zionist settlements in Palestine.[3]

The non-Western world majority has turned sharply against Israel—even more sharply than it turned against the US in its war on Russia through Ukraine.

Yet Western media continue to manufacture and inhabit a bubble completely divorced from moral and strategic reality.

They can’t even imagine Israel being in the wrong, even though it obviously is.

They can’t imagine Hamas being noble and chivalrous fighters, and Israelis being cowardly child-killing terrorists, though such is obviously the case.

They can’t acknowledge that the vast majority of the world disagrees with them for very good reasons, not because of “anti-Semitism.”

And above all they can’t imagine that Israel, despite (or because of) its genocidal assault on civilians, is losing the war.  Kevin Barrett

No matter how much sympathy you have for the Palestinians, it’s a good idea to pay attention to where real power in the world lies

The power of the U.S depends on the USD retaining its world reserve currency status.

When it loses it, and that time is nigh, it’s all over for America as its economy, stock and bond markets implode.

More importantly, as goes the fortunes of the USD, so too go the fortunes of the Zionist Usury Banking Cartel (aka ZOG).

The U.S and that cartel of bankers operating out of the City of London, are the lifeblood of the Apartheid Israeli state.

As the power of the former begins to wane, the fortunes of the illegal colonial occupiers of Palestine will also wane and the land will shortly thereafter be returned to its rightful owners. Truth Vigilante