Israhell Never Changes it’s Stripes

 Since Israel decided to pull out from Gaza in 2005, following a 38-year occupation, the strip has been a weapons lab for Israel and subjected to near constant bombardment from the air. 

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IDF clears itself in Cast Lead air strike that killed 21 family members

Cast Lead proceeded in two phases: a week of intense aerial bombing followed by two weeks of a joint air and land assault and invasion.

The surprise attack began at 11:30 a.m. on December 27, 2008, with Israeli F-16 fighter jets, Apache helicopters, and unmanned drones striking more than 100 locations across the tiny, crowded Gaza Strip within a matter of minutes.

 “When the Israelis hit the Islamic University of Gaza, they claimed they targeted a chemical weapons lab,” Khalil said.

“It was hilarious, despite the tragedy. We joked about my father’s office harboring banned chemicals. But in all seriousness, it amazed me how Israel can lie and make up stories and still manage to deceive the world. I want to do something about this.”

 In the words of David Halpin, a retired British surgeon and trauma specialist, Gaza was “used as a laboratory for testing what I call weapons from hell”. These included shells containing white phosphorus and dense inert metal explosives (Dime).

These were demons with the latest high-tech weapons, courtesy of the US tax-payer and if the good people of the US knew what was done in their name here, they would be sick to their stomachs. Shame on all of us for allowing this to happen and to go completely unpunished.

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  • Samouni family massacre: In perhaps the most infamous incident of the attack, Israeli soldiers ordered around 100 members of the Samouni family into a single building in the Zaytoun area of Gaza City. Soldiers held the family in the building for 24 hours before shelling the building on January 4, 2009. Twenty-one members of the family, all civilians, were killed.
  • Al-Daya family massacre: On January 6, an Israeli F-16 jet fired a missile at the home of the Al-Daya family, also in the Zaytoun neighborhood of Gaza City, killing 22 family members, most of them women and children.
  • White flag killings: The UN mission and human rights groups also documented several cases in which witnesses saw Israeli soldiers kill Palestinians who were fleeing while carrying makeshift white flags to indicate their status as civilians. In one case, a soldier shot and killed two women, Majda and Rayya Hajjaj (aged 37 and 65 respectively) who were fleeing with their families while carrying a white flag in the town of Johr Ad-Dik. In August 2012, in a plea deal with prosecutors, a solider was sentenced to just 45 days in prison for their deaths. To date he’s the only person to face serious charges stemming from Cast Lead.
  • Use of white phosphorus in populated areas: Rights groups, journalists, and the UN mission in Gaza also documented numerous instances of the use of white phosphorus, an incendiary substance that is illegal when used in populated areas. Israeli forces used white phosphorus in attacks on at least two hospitals (Al-Quds Hospital and Al-Wafa Hospital), as well as the central UN compound in Gaza City. Numerous civilian casualties were caused by white phosphorus in the small, densely populated Strip.

White Flag Deaths

Image result for Nada al-Marrdi, age 5 white flag killing
Nada al-Marrdi, age 5, was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier on January 5 in ‘Atatra as her family and
neighbors tried to leave the area holding white t-shir
ts and scarves on sticks. © 2009 courtesy of al-
Marrdi family

  These casualties comprise a small fraction of the Palestinian civilians killed and wounded during what Israel called Operation Cast Lead, but they stand out because of the circumstances of the attacks.

In each case, the victims were standing, walking, or in a lowly moving vehicle with other unarmed civiians who were trying to convey their non-combatant status by waving a white flag.

All available evidence indicates that Israeli forces had control of the areas in question, no fighting was taking place there at the time, and and Palestinian fighters were not hiding among the civilians who were shot.

Whether waving a white flag or not, these people were civilians not taking an active part in hostilities, and therefore should not have been attacked, according to international humanitarian law (the laws of war).*

Flashback: Munich 1972 Olympic Games Attack Was Another Zionist Hoax

Mossad agents have tried to claim they targeted Palestinians … Instead the dead were mainly random Palestinian intellectuals, politicians and poets.

Five years before the Munich incident, Israel violently conquered even more Palestinian land (illegal under international law), pushing out another 325,000+ Palestinian men, women, and children, and killing at least 13,000 Arabs in all.


Munich 1972 Olympic Games Attack

Above we see an asset of Mossad, pretending to be a terrorist?

Israel’s PM, Netanyahu, has criticised Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the UK Labour Party, over his presence at a ceremony said to have honoured the perpetrators of the 1972 Munich terror attack.

The 1972 Munich Olympic Games “massacre” was reportedly a Mossad operation to gain sympathy for Israel.

Luttif Affif

The admitted commander of the Munich Olympic attackers was Luttif Affif, who has a Jewish name.

According to Wikipedia, Luttif Affif ‘s mother was Jewish[13] 
Here is Wikipedia ‘talk’ page on the issue:

“This means that a Jewish terrorist led the attack on the Israeli athletes for the purpose of liberating his Jewish brothers from an Israeli jail.”

A free Palestine is inevitable

For all who visit Palestine, the fragility of the Zionist project is plain to see.

On October 7, the Palestinian people broke the nearly 20-year siege of Gaza — the world’s largest open-air prison.

In response, the Israeli regime threatened them with extermination.

“There will be no electricity, no food, no water, no fuel, everything is closed,” Israel’s Defense Minister said.

“We are fighting human animals, and we will act accordingly.”

Now, the siege has intensified to genocidal proportions.

Hundreds of thousands were internally displaced within Gaza, which has a population of two million people with nowhere to go.

The number of dead, likely underreported, rises by the hour.

Entire housing blocks are being leveled as terrorized families cower in darkness, cut off from the outside world.

From Washington to Brussels, the leaders of the old colonial powers have been quick to cheer on the violence, while slandering the Palestinian resistance with increasingly-hysterical atrocity propaganda.

But to insist, as they do, that the “violence is unprovoked” is to opt for amnesia.

The violence — the original violence of the colonizer — has long been weaved into the very geography of colonized Palestine.

Its serene landscapes are scarred by walls and mazes, checkpoints and guard towers, outposts and turrets.

They sever farmers from farms, traders from trade routes, fishermen from the sea, brothers from sisters. Sometimes, they appear within homes.

A group of settlers moved into the house of the el-Kurd family in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem, severing their garden, living room, and two bedrooms from the rest.

The occupied parts of the home, like other zones of occupation across Palestine, are an image of neglect.

Everywhere, settlers make the land unlivable to those who seek to return.

The silent war

When we visited Palestine in May as part of an international brigade organized by the Progressive International in collaboration with the International Peoples’ Assembly, we saw that violence unfold across the topography of the occupation.

From the Old City of East Jerusalem, past the Al-Aqsa Mosque, we descended a steep hill.

We passed the so-called City of David — a settler encroachment where, under the guise of archeological excavations for traces of ancient Judaic architecture that largely do not exist, the occupation forces uprooted Palestinian orchards and enclosed their land.

We arrived in Silwan.

The enclave is home to over 65,000 Palestinians.

There, thousands of houses face demolition for not having the right permits — and many have already been turned to rubble.

Families are sometimes given the opportunity to bail their homes out — to pay a ransom for them to remain standing.

But, the bulldozers still come.

Then, the evicted family receives a bill for the soldiers and dogs that forced them from their home — and for the machines that tore it down. Later, the settlers arrive, always flanked by armed guards.

“In Gaza you see the bombs. In the West Bank, the martyrs.

Here, there is a silent war,” Kutaybah Odeh, a local community organizer, told us.

Still, the people of Silwan organize to resist this silent war.

When the bulldozers come, they rally to defend the families whose gruesome turn had come.

The Al-Bustan Community Center that Odeh runs has become a thriving heart of the community.

There, you find simple, defiant joys: trumpets and drums for the marching band; a large tatami mat and, outside, a performance stage and playground — signs of normality and resistance in a site of erasure.

All around, the narrow alleys of the neighborhood are adorned with trees, tiles, and drawings

. “The occupation authorities tell us that they will destroy our homes because they are unfit to live in,” Odeh said. “So we show them that we live in paradise.”

The occupation within the occupation

From the frontline of Odeh’s “silent war”, we traveled to Hebron, or its Indigenous name Al-Khalil, in the West Bank.

We arrived at a bustling market where the aubergines come in five different sizes and the falafels are fried fresh.

Hebron is the “occupation within the occupation.”

Across the city center, heavily-fortified checkpoints — tangles of nets, barbed wire, gates and turnstiles — guard illegal Israeli settlements, where the old city center once stood.

Above a frightful gate separating a desolate settlement from the city is a machine that some call the “smart shooter” — an automated rifle that can kill an approaching human being if the system deems them a risk.

The face of nearly every Palestinian is imprinted in this system, which determines their fate before they can see a human face or hear a human voice.

Soldiers can operate the rifle with a joystick — a macabre game of murder that the occupier mediates through a screen and the occupied feels in their flesh.

What is being guarded?

A near-empty, lifeless street.

A vending machine. A broken-down van.

Signs with fabricated history seeking to recast the colonizer’s oppression as victimhood.

Flags, lots of flags. Here, in a settlement that is home to some 400 settlers, Palestinians are not allowed to set foot.

No trace remains of the bustling life that defiantly continues to exist outside this expanding barricade — life that the settlers grind away with daily volleys of rocks and urine and acid; life that the state actively erases.

The Palestinian markets become cages — enclosed on all sides by gates and wire mesh to defend against the settlers’ attacks.

The occupation within the occupation


From the frontline of Odeh’s “silent war”, we traveled to Hebron, or its Indigenous name Al-Khalil, in the West Bank.

We arrived at a bustling market where the aubergines come in five different sizes and the falafels are fried fresh.

Hebron is the “occupation within the occupation.”

Across the city center, heavily-fortified checkpoints — tangles of nets, barbed wire, gates and turnstiles — guard illegal Israeli settlements, where the old city center once stood.

Above a frightful gate separating a desolate settlement from the city is a machine that some call the “smart shooter” — an automated rifle that can kill an approaching human being if the system deems them a risk.

The face of nearly every Palestinian is imprinted in this system, which determines their fate before they can see a human face or hear a human voice.

Soldiers can operate the rifle with a joystick — a macabre game of murder that the occupier mediates through a screen and the occupied feels in their flesh.

What is being guarded?

A near-empty, lifeless street. A vending machine. A broken-down van.

Signs with fabricated history seeking to recast the colonizer’s oppression as victimhood.

Flags, lots of flags. Here, in a settlement that is home to some 400 settlers, Palestinians are not allowed to set foot.

No trace remains of the bustling life that defiantly continues to exist outside this expanding barricade — life that the settlers grind away with daily volleys of rocks and urine and acid; life that the state actively erases.

The Palestinian markets become cages — enclosed on all sides by gates and wire mesh to defend against the settlers’ attacks.

Pawel Wargan

Shuttered shops in Hebron/Al-Khalil. Photo: Pawel Wargan

In Hebron, 1,350 Palestinian shops have been shut by Israeli occupying forces in 23 years, hollowing out the economic life of the city and sowing misery and desperation among its people.

365 children who attend schools near the settlement have to cross three militarized checkpoints twice each day to get to class and return home.

In all, there are 28 military checkpoints in an area of under five square kilometers — one for every 25 settlers. As the settlements expand, the beating heart of the city gradually dims.

Right to remain

The geography of the Zionist occupation cannot be measured in straight lines.

Jerusalem and Bethlehem are under 10 kilometers apart — a 30-minute drive.

But for Palestinians living in Bethlehem, the distance is unassailable.

A Palestinian in the West Bank, who still has the keys to his house in Jerusalem, is closer to São Paulo, Johannesburg, or Beijing than to his ancestral home.

He cannot travel because the occupation has written the rules that govern his movement.

In Jerusalem, residency is granted to those whose “central life” is in the city — an ill-defined legal concept often interpreted at the whims of the occupying authorities.

Palestinians forced from their homes in East Jerusalem lose their “central life” in the city.

In the process, they lose their right to remain.

Losing residency implies total exclusion from social and economic life: you cannot rent a home, open a bank account, enroll at a university, or find work.

 Roughly 95% of Palestinian construction applications are rejected by Israeli authorities and it is exceedingly difficult for Palestinians to find new housing.

And so, they are forced into neighborhoods or camps in the increasingly-populated West Bank, whose land continues to be cut and diced for Zionist settlement.

Since 1950, the Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem has been home to thousands of Palestinian families who escaped the Nakba — the campaign of ethnic cleansing that saw Zionist forces evict more than 750,000 Palestinians from their homes in 1948.

They came from more than 27 different towns and villages, and more than 6,000 people continue to live there today — in makeshift brick and concrete high-rises that test the limits of structural integrity.

The United Nations estimated that the camp’s population density is 77,464 inhabitants per square kilometer — one of the highest in the world.

The eight-meter-high separation wall looms over them, casting a permanent shadow on the camp’s perimeter. M. took us up to the roof of a residential building along the wall’s edge.

From the top, he inspected the wall and looked at the land it conceals from view: A taunting field of olive trees that stretches across the horizon.

“That, in theory, is still within the borders they assigned us, but I’ve never been there,” he said.

In the camp’s claustrophobic alleys, the Zionist regime routinely rehearses its cruel technologies of violence.

Every few months, Israeli military trucks spray the neighborhood with excrement, directing their hoses toward open windows.


Sometimes, soldiers burst through the walls of homes with explosives, traumatizing children in the process.

The stench of tear gas is pervasive; Aida Camp is the area most exposed to tear gas in the world.

In the minutes after we arrived, we saw volleys of tear gas canisters erupt from the roof of an armored car — aimed at families who had gathered to pay respects to their deceased relatives at the cemetery.

Since Palestinian children had learned to throw teargas canisters out of harm’s way, the United States developed a new grenade — locally dubbed “the butterfly” — that jumps around while it releases the toxic gas.

We saw these, too. And, when our delegation visited the cemetery later that evening, the occupation forces threatened us at gunpoint.

The impunity that is allowable before international observers speaks to the horrors that take place in their absence.

One night before we arrived at the Aida Camp, Israeli soldiers shot two young men with explosive bullets — munitions that are banned under international law. One lost a leg.

The other’s intestines burst out from his abdomen.

Both survived even though the Israeli troops left them to die at the side of the road.

The Nakba never ended

When the old colonial powers decry Palestine’s “unprovoked” violence, they whitewash the persistent and creeping violence of the colonial occupation that the Palestinian people have endured in every aspect of their lives for over three-quarters of a century.

The Nakba never ended. Since 1948, the people of Palestine have lost over 85% of their land.

The militarization of the Israeli state has confined them to a series of open-air prisons, where they are taunted, humiliated, and killed. The Zionists uproot their olive groves. They pour cement into their water wells.

They evict their families with tear gas, set their crops alight, or poison their land with chemicals unknown.

And that violence has only escalated, with the direct encouragement of Israel’s now openly-fascist government.

In the first nine months of 2023, occupation forces killed more Palestinian people in the West Bank than in any year since the United Nations started to keep track.

One of the myths that was shattered by the Palestinian resistance this week is that of Zionism’s invincibility.

In fact, this myth was already plainly paper-thin.

Despite the routine humiliation and violence, all along the zigs and zags of the occupation we met men, women and children with raised chins, warm smiles, and patient eyes.

They welcomed us into their homes and communities, and they told us their stories.

The contrast with the occupation forces was inescapable.

The further into the West Bank we traveled, the more terrified they appeared.

Guns on their triggers, they seemed at all times prepared to unleash disproportionate violence on those around them.

It is as if they sensed that the colonial regime could not be sustained at no cost to them — a reality that has now come into sharp focus.

That fragility has its roots in a simple truth: The Palestinian people have no choice.

Their lands were invaded.

Their families were dispossessed and massacred.

Their sovereignty was erased and their riches stolen from under their feet.

At every stage, their oppressors had a choice and chose violence.

Zionism is bound by a million threads to imperialism and capitalism.

In its early days, the Zionist movement received significant backing from the British Empire seeking to maintain its grip in the region after the First World War.

Today, it is sustained by the United States and its subordinates as an outpost of empire in West Asia — a forward base designed to advance and cover for the West’s imperialist and ethno-nationalist ambitions in the region.

Israel’s fragility, then, is also imperialism’s. The US’s overwhelming show of support for Israel today makes clear that the act of liberation anywhere is a threat to imperialism everywhere.

Zionism is a partner of imperialism

Imperial backing helps sustain a racially-segregationist capitalist economy within colonized Palestine.

The early Zionist industrialists came with both machinery and labor.

Palestine, in turn, was de-industrialized and its people excluded from employment.

As Ghassan Kanafani has written, the very economic foundations of the Zionist state are found in the systematic dispossession and exclusion of the Palestinian people and the creation of a “whites-only” economy for the settlers:

“[Zionist] immigration was not only designed to ensure a concentration of European Jewish capital in Palestine, that was to dominate the process of industrialization, but also to provide this effort with a Jewish proletariat: The policy that raised the slogan of “Jewish labor only” was to have grave consequences, as it led to the rapid emergence of fascist patterns in the society of Jewish settlers.”

Today, the Israeli state is highly dependent on foreign investment.

In 2022, its high-tech sector accounted for 48.3% of all exports, a system that is underpinned in part by exploited Palestinian labor — and 80% of venture investments in this sector are based on foreign funds.

The Israeli regime is currently implementing a spate of judicial and social “reforms” that have found significant opposition among liberal Israelis, who tolerate the colonial regime insofar as the pretense of liberal democracy, with Jewish primacy, is preserved.

As the pretense of liberal democracy withers away, and the colonial face of the Israeli state comes into sharper view, many believe that Israel risks a wave of capital flight that could challenge the very basis of its settler-colonial economy.

Now, “everything is on the table”. This moment has generated a profound and persistent internal crisis in Israeli society, reflected in lost investments at home, critique from partners abroad, and renewed global interest in disinvestment as an anti-apartheid strategy.

As representatives of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement told us, “in order to remain supported by capitalism, Israel cannot afford to become extremist Orthodox. Even for capitalism, it must show a face of liberal democracy.”

This was one of the factors that burst open the window of opportunity for the Palestinian resistance.

Here, the BDS’s core mission — to sever the arteries of state, institutional, and corporate complicity that power the Zionist project — come into sharp focus.

The struggle to liberate Palestine is fundamentally a struggle against capitalism and imperialism.

It demands that those living in the imperial countries take the fight to the financiers, corporations and institutions that sustain the occupation.

It calls on scientists to refuse to make the gas that poisons Palestinian children, on factory workers to refuse to produce the munitions that crush families in Gaza, and on dockworkers to refuse to load them onto ships.

And it calls on us to take seriously the struggle for socialism, because it is only by arresting imperialism’s cancerous spread that the auxiliary violence of Zionism’s colonial domination can be ended once and for all.

The Palestinian people will not give up their struggle for freedom

We cannot abandon the struggle because the Palestinian people have not.

At Ramallah University, we saw red flags flying high.

An exhibition featuring resistance fighters martyred in Jenin and Nablus saw hundreds of young communists descend on the campus.

Young organizers gave us leaflets, announcing their candidacy in the upcoming student elections.

They face tremendous headwinds. The attack on Palestinian political organizations is relentless.

More than 5,000 Palestinians are held in Israeli jails — and others still are held in jails operated by the Palestinian Authority at Israel’s behest.

But organized political power is on the rise.

Across Palestine, doctors’ and teachers’ unions organized a historic strike aimed both at the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority’s complicity.

Now, as the Palestinian people beat back their occupation, anti-imperialist, socialist, communist, and other popular forces abroad must work to bruise its imperialist backers.

We know that this combined movement will succeed.

As Fayez Sayegh wrote in his seminal text, Zionist Colonialism in Palestine, Zionism was anomalous because it “came to bloom precisely when colonialism was beginning to fade away” — a relic of the past that retarded the historical tendency towards liberation.

But in the long arc of history, liberation from colonialism is inevitable.

As the nations of the world proclaimed in the 1961 UN Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, “the process of liberation is irresistible and irreversible”.

The promise of Palestine’s statehood will be realized — from the river to the sea.

But until that moment comes, what terrible cost will the Zionist state impose on the Palestinian people for seeking their freedom?

And what will we have done to stop it?


The US, Reversing Course on Cluster Bombs, Is Testing New Ones in Israel

December 28, 2018

In fact, the US is planning to buy new ones — from an Israeli company.

The Trump administration has decided to reverse a policy instituted in 2008 by President George W. Bush (and carried out by President Obama) to end the use of cluster munitions with a failure rate of more than one percent — “duds” — as of Jan. 1, 2019.

Instead, Washington is testing new, more sophisticated cluster munitions to replace those that do not meet the new standards.

“After spending hundreds of millions of dollars researching alternatives to cluster munitions, the US has decided it can’t produce ‘safe’ cluster munitions so it will keep using ‘unsafe’ ones,” wrote Mary Wareham, the arms-division advocacy director at Human Rights Watch, in 2017.

Cluster munitions not only spread bomblets (or “bombies,” as they are called in Southeast Asia) across a wide area, but they can also leave unexploded ordnances that can detonate years if not decades after their release.

The weapon has been banned by more than 100 countries through the Convention on Cluster Munitions, as it does not differentiate between combatants and civilians on the ground.

The weapons were first used in World War II by the Nazis, called the “butterfly bomb.”

New, more efficient munitions


Although more than 100 countries have banned cluster munitions, the US is testing new ones abroad.

US military budget documents reveal that the US is testing the new cluster munition, the M999, in Israel.

IMI Systems, formerly a state-owned company that was recently privatized and that has as a board member Yitzhak Aharonovich, an ex-minister of public security, produces the M999, an antipersonnel cluster weapon.

(IMI also makes the Uzi submachine gun.)

IMI Systems, as well as Israel’s defense ministry, did not follow up on many interview requests with PassBlue, including while this reporter was in Israel.

The testing should be done before the end of 2019, according to military documents.

The US Department of Defense has confirmed it is planning to test the weapon to replace older types.

An unexploded cluster munition bomblet in Laos. The US dropped 14 million tons of the weapon in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. The US is seeking to use new types of the munition that “minimize unintended harm.”

US sending internationally-banned munitions to Israel to be used in Gaza war

15 November 2023


Israel’s military and government have a long and well-documented history of making false and misleading statements to cover up and deflect responsibility for war crimes they commit against Palestinians. The following document provides some of the most egregious examples in recent years.

Lying about use of white phosphorus in violation of international law – October 2023

  • On October 10 in Lebanon and October 11 in Gaza, the Israeli military used white phosphorus shells in violation of international law. Israel denied the claim, stating it was “unequivocally false.” However, Human Rights Watch verified videos of “multiple airbursts of artillery-fired white phosphorus” launched by the Israeli military over the Gaza City port and along the Israel-Lebanon border, labeling it a violation of international humanitarian law. Amnesty International also documented the presence of white phosphorus shells at an Israeli army base in southern Israel near Gaza.
  • In 2009, during Israel’s attack on Gaza known as Operation Cast Lead, Israel initially “denied outright” that it used white phosphorus. However, Human Rights Watch subsequently documented Israel’s widespread use of white phosphorus shells in Gaza, including in densely populated urban areas, a UN compound, and a UN school. In total, Israel fired more than 200 white phosphorus shells during the assault.
  • Israel also accused Hamas of firing a white phosphorus shell in 2009, a claim that Human Rights Watch concluded was false.

Unsubstantiated claims about beheading of children – October 2023

  • Israel’s military and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office claimed that Hamas fighters beheaded up to 40 children during their October 7 attack on the town of Kfar Aza. The incendiary allegations spread quickly and were widely repeated in the media and by President Joe Biden, who falsely claimed during a meeting with Jewish leaders that he personally saw photos of beheaded children, which the White House later walked back, admitting he had not seen any such photos and that the US had not verified the claim. However, Israeli journalists who visited the scene of the alleged beheadings saw no evidence to support the allegation and the Israeli military officials accompanying them made no mention of it. The Israeli army subsequently refused to confirm the claim and more than a week later no evidence has emerged to support it.

Unsubstantiated claims of rape – October 2023

  • Israeli officials circulated claims that Hamas fighters raped women during their attack on October 7, which were widely repeated in the US media and by US politicians, including President Biden during an address on national television. However, on October 10 an Israeli military spokesperson told a journalist from the Forward, Arno Rosenfeld, that Israel “does not yet have any evidence of rape having occurred during Saturday’s attack or its aftermath” and more than a week later Israel has yet to provide any proof. Journalist Rosenfeld also traced how the story spread based largely on claims made by people who didn’t actually say they witnessed the alleged rapes. 

Lying about deadly airstrike on civilian convoy seeking safety in Gaza – October 2023

  • On October 13, a civilian convoy fleeing Gaza City as ordered by the Israeli military on a road identified as a “safe route” by Israel, was hit by an Israeli airstrike, killing 70 people and wounding at least 200. The Israeli military denied attacking the convoy. However, Amnesty International verified videos of the attack and concluded it was the result of an airstrike.

Lying about the murder of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh – May 2022

  • On May 11, 2022, renowned Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was shot in the neck and killed by an Israeli sniper while reporting on an Israeli army invasion of the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, even though she was nowhere near any fighting at the time and was wearing a vest clearly marked “Press.”
  • Then-Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and the Israeli military blamed Abu Akleh’s death on Palestinians, distributing unrelated video of Palestinian gunfire during the invasion as supposed proof. However, multiple independent investigations, including by The Washington PostThe New York TimesThe Associated Press, and CNN, as well as by human rights groups like Amnesty International, and the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, all concluded that Abu Akleh was killed by an Israeli soldier. The Israeli military itself later backtracked, stating that Abu Akleh may have been killed by one of its soldiers. 

Lying about bombing of media offices in Gaza – May 2021

  • During its May 2021 assault on Gaza, Israel bombed a high-rise tower housing media outlets – including The Associated Press and Al Jazeera – leveling the 14-story building to the ground. Israel claimed the building contained “military assets belonging to the intelligence offices” of Hamas. 
  • However, Human Rights Watch concluded that Israel “provided no evidence to support those allegations” and that the attack “apparently violated the laws of war and may amount to war crimes.”

Lying about the killing of Ahmad Erekat at West Bank military checkpoint – June 2020

  • On June 23, 2020, 27-year-old Ahmad Erekat was on his way to pick up relatives for his sister’s wedding when he crashed his car at an Israeli military checkpoint in the occupied West Bank and was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers.
  • Israel claimed it was an attempted attack on soldiers from its occupying army.
  • However, Forensic Architecture, a research group based at Goldsmiths, University of London, and Palestinian human rights organization Al Haq conducted an in-depth investigation and concluded it was a traffic accident and that Erekat was extrajudicially executed.

Doctoring video to falsely claim medic murdered by Israeli sniper was human shield – June 2018

  • In June 2018, an Israeli sniper murdered a 21-year-old medic, Razan al-Najjar, during protests by Palestinians imprisoned by Israel’s occupation and siege of Gaza. In an attempt to smear her and justify her killing following an international outcry, Israeli officials circulated a video purporting to show her saying she was acting as a human shield for Hamas. 
  • However, the video was subsequently revealed to have been doctored by the Israeli military to take her comments out of context. As noted by Israeli rights group, B’Tselem, the Israeli military initially claimed “soldiers did not fire at the spot where she had been standing.
  • Later, the military said al-Najjar might have been killed by a ricochet, before finally accusing her of serving as a human shield… Contrary to the many versions offered by the military, the facts of the case lead to only one conclusion… al-Najjar was fatally shot by a member of the security forces who was aiming directly at her as she was standing about 25 meters (82 feet) away from the fence, despite the fact that she posed no danger to him or anyone else and was wearing a medical uniform.” 
  • According to the UN, in total Israeli soldiers killed 214 Palestinians protesters in Gaza during the Great Return March, including 46 children.Those killed included at least 3 medical workers and 2 journalists, all of whom were clearly identified as such.

Lying about the murder of two Palestinian teenagers during West Bank protest – May 2014 

  • On May 15, 2014, two unarmed Palestinian teens, 17-year-old Nadim Nuwarah and 16-year-old Mohammed Salameh were shot and killed by Israeli soldiers using live ammunition during a protest in the occupied West Bank.
  • Israel initially claimed its soldiers did not use live ammunition. 
  • Contradicting Israel’s claims, based on videos from the scene and autopsy results, Human Rights Watch concluded both were killed by live ammunition. An investigation by CNN also came to the same conclusion.

The Hate Crime Purging of “Antisemites” Is Underway!

Saying anything about Israel’s misbehavior can send you to jail

Global Research, June 20, 2023

There have recently been a number of incidents that would be of interest if one has concerns about the sorry state of free speech in Europe and the United States, the so-called “democracies” who tend to boast about their freedoms and the rights of their citizens.

The chosen weapon in the US and elsewhere in the Anglo-sphere has been the designation “hate speech” which also covers “hate writing,” “possessing hate literature or films,” and even “hate thinking.”

In Europe, where “hate speech” is often referred to using the English words, the expression is often preceded by the word “illegal” to make sure that the point about consequences is made and the potential penalty is clearly understood.

Some Europeans have in fact been convicted and sent to prison when they have falsely believed they were exercising free speech.

Though the “hate” designation was originally coined to discourage racist language and other forms of expression it has increasingly been exploited by Israel and its associated Jewish support groups to criminalize any criticism of Israel or of Jewish group behavior.

It has extended its reach by moving into subsets, notably “holocaust denial” and “antisemitism” which are also regarded ipso facto as hate crimes in a context in which Jews are always regarded as victims, never as perpetrators of violence.

Much of what is going on might be described in fairly simple terms: Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and its unprovoked lethal attacks on its neighbors might reasonably be described as “deplorable” or even genocidal in the case of the Palestinians.

Beyond that, Israel, which pretends to be a democracy, operates a system of control over the Christian and Muslim minority within its own borders and also in the area it illegally occupies that is describable as “apartheid,” where the minority is compelled to accept limited resources and consistently harsh treatment from the dominant Jewish population.

Palestinian Christians have not just been an integral part of our nation but also our liberation movement. Israel knows that well: under Israeli colonial-settlement policies, racist legislation and daily attacks, Palestinians of all faiths are subjected to the same human rights violations.

A damaged statue of Jesus in the Church of the Flagellation in the Old City of Jerusalem. “Jewish ritual tassels that had been concealed under his clothes emerged”, the Franciscan friar said.

More to the point, the extremist government coalition headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made the situation even worse for those non-Jews that it controls, with talk of introducing mass expulsions and imprisonments.

The death toll of Palestinians at the hands of the Israel Defense Forces has also been going up, with more than 150 Palestinians killed this year, including 26 children.

To be sure, Israel has become a home for Jews that can no longer tolerate anyone else.

Some ministers in the new government are particularly vile in their views but it is to be assumed that Netanyahu and others in his administration are genuinely supportive of turning Israel into a truly and even exclusively Jewish state, which is in fact how it legally defines itself.

The one minister most cited for his cruelty and racism is Itamar Ben-Gvir of the Jewish Power party.

Ben-Gvir has been charged with crimes 50 times, and convicted on eight occasions, including once for support of a Jewish terrorist group.

He is a former supporter of the now deceased right wing fanatic Meir Kahane, and, like Kahane, envisions an Israel that is as Palestinian free as possible and centered exclusively on Jewish interests.

He has called for deporting Arabs who aren’t loyal to a Jewish Israel, annexing all of the West Bank and exercising full Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount, where the Muslim venerated Al-Aqsa mosque is located.

He supports legislation defying international agreements to “divide” the Al-Aqsa site to permit regular Jewish worshipers and there have even been suggestions that the Israeli government will seek to rebuild the so-called Biblical Second Temple, destroyed in the First Century by the Romans, in that location.

Ben-Gvir is notorious for his provocations directed against Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

He has led marches of armed settlers flaunting Israeli flags through Arab quarters of cities and towns and has even brought settlers and other extremists to the al-Aqsa mosque during Ramadan and to interrupt Friday prayers.

To cap the irony, he has been since November 2022 the National Security Minister, which gives him authority over the police, to include the so-called Border Police as well as the police forces located on the illegally occupied West Bank.

Indeed, as a practical matter, Ben-Gvir is seeking to have the Knesset pass legislation explicitly conferring legal immunity on all Israeli soldiers for any and all killings of Palestinians.

He has also pressed the parliament to institute a formal, judicially administered death penalty for “terrorists”, which would mean any Palestinian who physically resists the Israeli occupation.

Another extremist who has obtained a major ministry in the Netanyahu government is Bezalel Yoel Smotrich who has served as the Minister of Finance since 2022.

He has recently completed a controversial trip to the United States where he met with American Zionist leaders.

Smotrich is the leader of the Religious Zionist Party, and lives in an illegal settlement in a house within the Israeli occupied West Bank that was also built doubly illegally outside the settlement proper.

Smotrich supports expanding Israeli settlements in the West Bank, opposes any form of Palestinian statehood, and even denies the existence of the Palestinian people.

NEVER FORGET where they came from!

He demands a state judiciary that relies only on Torah and Jewish traditional law.

Accused of inciting hatred against Arab Israelis, he told Arab Israeli lawmakers in October 2021, that “it’s a mistake that David Ben-Gurion didn’t finish the job and didn’t throw all of you out in 1948.”

The increasing brutality of the Israeli government and its security forces have produced a reaction among many observers worldwide, so the supporters of Israel have engaged in their own first strike frequently using the “hate crime” weapon.

They have basically turned the hate crime legislation to their advantage by convincing many nations to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of the “hate crime” antisemitism to automatically include criticism of Israel as being equivalent to hatred of Jews.

When that doesn’t work the powerful Israel lobby can also resort to much more brutal threats.

When Iceland sought to make illegal infant circumcision five years ago, regarding it as genital mutilation performed on an unconsenting child, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) threatened to unleash Jewish power to destroy their economy and international reputation as punishment for making their country “inhospitable to Jews.”

Now that the “hate crime” genie together with the associated links to holocaust denial and antisemitism have been released from the bottle, they are being used regularly to silence anyone who even indirectly criticizes prominent Jews like George Soros.

Conservatives including Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk have recently been on the receiving end of the antisemitism label after referring to Soros and his “Globalist” agenda.

It is my belief that Tucker was fired at least in part due to Jewish pressure on FOX as he had been very critical of groups like the hysterical ADL and its hideous director Jonathan Greenblatt.

Roger Waters, the former lead singer of Pink Floyd, has emerged as a powerful critic of Israeli treatment of the Palestinians.

As a consequence, he has been hounded by authorities in Europe, has had his concerts canceled, and has been threatened with legal action to make him shut up.

The Biden Administration’s antisemitism Czar Deborah Lipstadt has also attacked him, saying “I wholeheartedly concur with [an online] condemnation of Roger Waters and his despicable Holocaust distortion.”

She was referring to a tweet stating that “I am sick & disgusted by Roger Waters’ obsession to belittle and trivialize the Shoah & the sarcastic way in which he delights in trampling on the victims, systematically murdered by the Nazis.

In Germany. Enough is enough. Holocaust trivialization is criminalized across the EU.” The State Department, speaking for the White House, then piled on adding that Waters has “a long track record of using antisemitic tropes” and a concert he gave late last month in Germany “contained imagery that is deeply offensive to Jewish people and minimized the Holocaust…

The artist in question has a long track record of using antisemitic tropes to denigrate Jewish people.”

One might observe that the depiction of Waters is basically untrue – he is a critic of Israeli crimes against humanity but does not hate Jews.

One might also add how the fact that the United States State Department actually has a Special Envoy to Combat Antisemitism speaks for itself and tells you exactly who is in charge in Washington.

I wonder how much it costs to run Lipstadt’s mouth from a no doubt well-appointed office in Foggy Bottom each year?

Maybe someone should do a cost/benefit analysis and give Debbie her walking papers.

Beyond that, several other recent stories show how it all often works in practice to confront and silence critics.

Swedish pop star Zara Larsson is facing what is obviously a coordinated backlash on social media after criticizing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

In an Instagram message to her 6.3 million followers, the 23-year-old declared the ongoing cross-border violence, which is killing mostly Arabs, was a “crime” against Palestinians.

Her effort to be somewhat even handed was ignored, in the message, which she later deleted, where she wrote “We have to stand up for Jewish people all over the world facing anti-Semitic violence and threats, but we must also call out a state upholding apartheid and KILLING civilians, funded by American dollars.”

She ended the message with the hashtag “#freepalestine.”

Larsson was hardly calling for targeting Jews or anything like that, but the reaction to her comment was symptomatic of the typical overkill response engaged in by Israel and its friends whenever anyone challenges the standard narrative of Israeli perpetual victimhood.

Two other instances of comments about Israel leading to an overwhelming response to punish the perpetrators took place during the past month in the United States at college commencement ceremonies.

The first was on May 12th, at a graduation ceremony for the law school of the City University of New York (CUNY), where Fatima Mousa Mohammed, a Queens native who was selected by the graduating 2023 class to speak during the May 12 ceremony, praised CUNY for supporting student activism, citing in particular the acceptance of student groups protesting against Israel’s brutality towards the Palestinians.

She said “Israel continues to indiscriminately rain bullets and bombs on worshippers, murdering the old, the young and even attacking funerals and graveyards, as it encourages lynch mobs to target Palestinians homes and businesses.

As it imprisons its children, as it continues its project of settler colonialism, expelling Palestinians from their homes. Silence is no longer acceptable.”

The response to Mohammed was immediate, including a scathing news report in the New York Post, a call by several Jewish groups to cut funding to CUNY and demands that the law school dean be fired.

And the controversy again made news when a second student spoke out at a commencement at El Camino community college in Torrance California.

Jana Abulaban, 18, strongly criticized Israeli government policies during her speech on June 9th.

Abulaban, who was born in Jordan in a family of Palestinian refugees, reportedly felt “inspired” by the speech of Fatima Mousa Mohammed and she told the audience “I gift my graduation to all Palestinians who have lost their life and those who continue to lose their lives every day due to the oppressive apartheid state of Israel killing and torturing Palestinians as we speak.’’

There was, of course an immediate reaction to the Abulaban speech coming from a variety of West Coast and New York pro-Israel sources.

Brooke Goldstein, a claimed human-rights lawyer founder of The Lawfare Project, said, “This is yet one more example of the systemic Jew-hatred we’re seeing on our college campuses.

When a student gives a commencement speech targeting Jews, trafficking in modern tropes of antisemitism, it’s clear that there has been a complete failure in that school to promote social justice for the Jewish people.

If any other minority group were targeted like this, there would be consequences for the bigot. The Jewish community deserves no less.”

Of course, both women only spoke the truth about what is happening in the Middle East.

Neither attacked the Jewish religion or Jews per se and only criticized Israel’s appalling behavior.

When I last checked, Israel was a foreign country with both foreign and domestic policies that are considered very questionable by most of the world, so why should it be protected from being challenged in the United States?

The two women were brave to speak up as they did, surely knowing that they would be targeted by the Jewish state’s many friends and supporters.

Those of us who continue to speak out on Israel’s genocidal policies can likewise expect no less, particularly as both the federal as well as many state governments and also the media are now on a witch hunt directed against those who seek to speak the truth.

But we must persevere. As Fatima Mousa Mohammed put it, “Silence is no longer acceptable.”

Boston Bombing & the “Great Awakening”

What Netflix didn’t tell us

Ron Dermer, a diplomatic advisor consultant to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and candidate for the post of Israeli ambassador to Washington, told a closed meeting of U.S. Jewish leaders in New York last week that the Boston marathon bombings would increase American support for Israel – just as that support increased following the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Dermer made his remarks last Wednesday, two days after explosions rocked the Boston Marathon, killing three people and wounding nearly 200 more.

Dermer, considered one of Netanyahu’s closest associates, is currently on vacation, after having finished his stint as a senior adviser at the Prime Minister’s Bureau.

“The bulk of the American people stand firmly with Israel and identify with Israel,” Dermer said, in a video filmed by blogger Jacob Kornbluh.

“If you can look, historically, there was a big change after 9/11, and I am sure that after the tragic bombing in Boston, people will identify more with Israel and its struggle against terrorism and we can maintain that support.”

Here are the words from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “On the day of the 9-11 attacks, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked what the attacks would mean for US-Israeli relations.

His quick reply was: “It’s very good…….Well, it’s not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel).”

How Jewish Is the War Against Russia?

Let’s be honest about who is promoting it

By Philip Giraldi | The Unz Review

Five years ago, I wrote an article entitled “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s wars.”

It turned out to be the most popular piece that I have ever written and I was rewarded for it by immediately being fired by the so-called American Conservative magazine, where I had been a regular and highly popular contributor for fourteen years.

I opened the article with a brief description of an encounter with a supporter whom I had met shortly before at an antiwar conference.

The elderly gentleman asked “Why doesn’t anyone ever speak honestly about the six-hundred-pound gorilla in the room?

Nobody has mentioned Israel in this conference and we all know it’s American Jews with all their money and power who are supporting every war in the Middle East for Netanyahu?

Shouldn’t we start calling them out and not letting them get away with it?”

In my article I named many of the individual Jews and Jewish groups that had been leading the charge to invade Iraq and also deal with Iran along the way.

They used fake intelligence and out-and-out lies to make their case and never addressed the central issue of how those two countries actually threatened the United States or its vital interests.

And when they succeeded in committing the US to the fiasco in Iraq, as far as I can determine only one honest Jew who had participated in the process, Philip Zelikow, in a moment of candor, admitted that the Iraq War, in his opinion, was fought for Israel.

There was considerable collusion between the Israeli government and the Jews in the Pentagon, White House, National Security Council and State Department in the wake of 9/11.

Under President George W. Bush, Israeli Embassy staff uniquely had free access to the Pentagon office of Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, not being required to sign in or submit any security measures.

It was a powerful indication of the special status that Israel enjoyed with top Jews in the Bush Administration.

It should also be recalled that Doug Feith’s Office of Special Plans was the source of the false WMD information used by the Administration to justify invading Iraq, while that information was also funneled directly to Vice President Dick Cheney without any submission to possibly critical analysts by his chief of Staff “Scooter” Libby.

Wolfowitz, Feith and Libby were of course Jewish as were many on their staffs and Feith’s relationship with Israel was so close that he actually partnered in a law firm that had a branch in Jerusalem.

Feith also served on the board of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), which is dedicated to nurturing the relationship between the US and Israel.

Currently, the top three State Department officials (Tony Blinken, Wendy Sherman and Victoria Nuland) are all Zionist Jews.

The head of the Department of Homeland Security, which is hot on the trail of domestic “terrorist” dissidents, is also Jewish as is the Attorney General and the president’s chief of staff.

They and their boss Joe Biden do not seem concerned that their client Ukraine is no democracy.

The nation’s current government came into power after the 2014 coup engineered by President Barack Obama’s State Department at an estimated cost of $5 billion.

The regime change carried out under Barack Obama was driven by State Department Russophobe Victoria Nuland with a little help from international globalist George Soros.

It removed the democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych who was, unfortunately for him, a friend of Russia.

Ukraine is reputedly both the poorest and most corrupt country in Europe, witness the Hunter Biden saga.

The current President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is Jewish and claims to have holocaust victims in his family tree, is a former comedian who won election in 2019.

He replaced another Jewish president Petro Poroshenko, after being heavily funded and promoted by yet another fellow Jew and Ukraine’s richest oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who is also an Israeli citizen and now lives in Israel.

It all sounds like deja vu all over again, particularly as many of the perpetrators are still around, like Nuland, priming the pump to go to war yet again for no reason.

And they are joined by journalists like Bret Stephens at the New York Times, Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper at CNN, and also Max Boot at the Washington Post, all of whom are Jewish and can be counted on to write regular pieces both damning and demonizing Russia and its head of state Vladimir Putin, which means it is not only about the Middle East anymore.

It is also about weakening and even bringing about regime change in nuclear armed Russia while also drawing some lines in the sand for likewise nuclear armed China.

And I might add that playing power games with Russia is a hell of a lot more dangerous than kicking Iraq around.

To put it bluntly, many US government and media Jews hate Russia and even though they benefited substantially as a group by virtue of their preeminent role in the looting of the former Soviet Union under Boris Yeltsin and continue to be among the most prominent Russian oligarchs.

Many of the oligarch billionaires, like Boris Berezovsky, self-exiled when Vladimir Putin obtained power and began to crack down on their tax avoidance and other illegal activity.

Many moved to Western Europe where some bought up football teams while others went south and obtained Israeli citizenship.

Their current grievances somewhat reflect their tribe’s demand for perpetual victimhood and the deference plus forgiveness of all sins that it conveys, with the self-promoted tales of persecution going back to the days of the Tsars, full of allegations about pogroms and Cossacks arriving in the night, stories that rival many of the holocaust fabrications in terms of their lack of credibility.

Many Jews, particularly younger Jews, are finding it difficult to support apartheid Israel and the constant wars being initiated and fought for no particularly credible reason by both Democratic and Republican parties when in power, which is a good thing.

But Jewish power in Washington and across the US is difficult to ignore and it is precisely those Jewish groups and individuals who have been empowered through their wealth and connections who have been the most vocal leading warmongers when it has come to the Middle East and to Russia.

Interestingly, however, some pushback is developing.

The Jewish peace group Tikkun has recently published a devastating article by Jeffrey Sachs on the Jews who have been agitating for war.

It is entitled “Ukraine Is the Latest Neocon Disaster” and describes how “The war in Ukraine is the culmination of a 30-year project of the American neoconservative movement.

The Biden Administration is packed with the same neocons who championed the US wars of choice in Serbia (1999), Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), Syria (2011), Libya (2011), and who did so much to provoke Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The neocon track record is one of unmitigated disaster, yet Biden has staffed his team with neocons.

As a result, Biden is steering Ukraine, the US, and the European Union towards yet another geopolitical debacle…”

Tikkun explains how “The neocon movement emerged in the 1970s around a group of public intellectuals, several of whom were influenced by University of Chicago political scientist Leo Strauss and Yale University classicist Donald Kagan.

Neocon leaders included Norman Podhoretz, Irving Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz, Robert Kagan (son of Donald), Frederick Kagan (son of Donald), Victoria Nuland (wife of Robert), Elliott Abrams, and Kimberley Allen Kagan (wife of Frederick).”

It might be added that Kimberley Kagan heads the Institute for the Study of War, which is often cited in media coverage and even in Congress to explain why we must fight Russia.

It has long been recognized by many that a particular antipathy directed against Russia permeates the so-called neoconservative world view.

The neocons are hugely overrepresented at the top levels of government and, as noted above, a number of them are running the State Department while also holding high level positions elsewhere in the Biden Administration as well as in the foreign policy think tanks, including Richard Haass at the influential Council on Foreign Relations.

Likewise, the intensely Russophobic US and Western media, foundations and social networking sites are disproportionately Jewish in their ownership and staffing.

And beyond that, Ukraine is to a certain extent a very Jewish-identified place.

The Jewish media in the US and elsewhere has been showering Zelensky with praise, referring to him as a genuine “Jewish hero,” a modern Maccabee resisting oppression, a David versus Goliath.

T-shirts bearing his image are being sold that read “Resisting tyrants since Pharaoh” while the largely Orthodox Jewish community in New York City has already been raising millions of dollars for Ukrainian aid.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports that a “2020 demographic survey estimated that besides a ‘core’ population of 43,000 Jews, around 200,000 Ukrainians are technically eligible for Israeli citizenship, meaning that they have identifiable Jewish ancestry.

The European Jewish Congress says that number could be as high as 400,000.”

If that is true, it is one of the largest Jewish communities in the world and it includes at least 8,000 Israelis, many of whom have returned to Israel.

As US-Russian negotiations leading up the current fighting were clearly designed to fail by the Biden Administration, one therefore has to wonder if this war against Russia is largely a product of a long enduring ethno-religious hatred coupled with a belief in the necessity for a strong American military applied as needed to dominate the world and thereby protect Israel.

The neocons are most visible, but equally toxic are the Jews who would prefer to describe themselves as neoliberals or liberal interventionists, that is liberals who promote a strong, assertive American leadership role to support the basically phony catchwords “democracy” and “freedom.”

Both neocons and neoliberals inevitably support the same policies so they have both ends of the political spectrum covered, particularly concerning the Middle East and against Russia.

They currently dominate the foreign policy thinking of both major political parties as well as exercising control over media and entertainment industry coverage of the issues that concern them, largely leaving the American public with only their viewpoint to consider.

There is plenty of other evidence that prominent Jews both inside and outside the Administration have been stirring things up against Russia with considerable success as President Biden has now declared insanely that his Administration is engaged in “a great battle for freedom.

A battle between democracy and autocracy. Between liberty and repression.”

He has confirmed that the US is in Ukraine’s war against Russia until we “win.”

How else does one explain the ridiculous trip by Attorney General Merrick Garland to Kiev in late June to help set up a war crimes investigation directed against Russia?

As Garland is supposed to be the US Attorney General, it might first be useful to investigate crimes relating to the United States.

He might start with American war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan or Israeli war crimes using Washington provided weapons in Lebanon and Syria, not to mention the human rights violations using those same weapons that occur on a daily basis directed against the Palestinians.

Some conservatives are also wondering why the Attorney General spends his time pursuing “white supremacists” and has failed to investigate the rioting, looting and killing that rocked the nation in the BLM Summer of 2020.

Nevertheless, an undeterred and fearless Garland announced while in Kiev that Eli Rosenbaum, Jewish of course, and a 36-year veteran of the Justice Department who previously served as the director of the Office of Special Investigations, which was primarily responsible for identifying, denaturalizing and deporting Nazi war criminals, will lead a War Crimes Accountability team made up of DOJ experts in investigating Russian human-rights abuses.

After the obligatory photo op sucking up to Zelensky, the diminutive but steely eyed Attorney General declared that “There is no hiding place for war criminals.

The US Justice Department will pursue every avenue of accountability for those who commit war crimes and other atrocities in Ukraine.

Working alongside our domestic and international partners, the Justice Department will be relentless in our efforts to hold accountable every person complicit in the commission of war crimes, torture and other grave violations during the unprovoked conflict in Ukraine.”

And if any further evidence required to demonstrate the Jewishness of that week in Kiev, actor Ben Stiller, also a Jew, visited Zelensky and gave him a big hug.

If Eli Rosenbaum is still seriously interested in finding Nazis he will find many more of them in Ukraine than within the Russian Army.

So, one has to ask “Whose war is it and who is making it happen?” Can you please explain Joe Biden? Or, given your perpetual blank look, should I ask Merrick Garland or Tony Blinken or maybe even Victoria Nuland?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Back On Death Row

Allahuakbar” was the signal of a false flag. Or an ISIS flag claimed to be found in a victim’s backpack in a school.  Or a knife.

The back story:
Two bombs have rocked the streets of Boston and reportedly injured 22 marathon runners (three have reportedly died).
It’s too early to know the cause of these explosions, but you can rest assured both the state and federal government will try to use this tragic event to blame whatever convenient enemies are most advantageous for the government.

In yet another example of how almost every major terror event is accompanied by a security drill focused around the same scenario, Boston marathon bombing happened on same day as ‘controlled explosion’ drill by Boston bomb squad.

As the Boston Globe tweeted today, “Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.”

Boston Marathon Explosion Witness Told Explosions ‘Part of Drill’

The easiest way to carry out a false flag attack is by setting up a military exercise that simulates the very attack you want to carry out.

Captain Eric H. May, former U.S. Army military intelligence officer


London, U.K 2007 False Flag Attack And Mock/Security Drill

In the case of the London bombings, a consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th, a “coincidence” many skeptics of the official story have dismissed as a statistical impossibility.

New York , U.S.A 9/11 False Flag Attack And Mock/Security Drill

US spy agencies planning to have a mock plane crash into a govt building on — of all days — 9/11, their mock plane crash was to happen at 9:32am*, just 5min before the official time that the Pentagon would be hit (9:37am).

The full list of coincidences between the CIA/NRO’s “drill” and the real Pentagon attack:

• Both took place on 9/11
• Both of their buildings struck by airplanes (officially)
• Both planes took off from Dulles Airport
• Both crashes happened at practically the same time (or exactly the same time)
• Both will have generators emitting smoke at near/same time.
• Both will have casualites and badly burned employees needing evacuation from their buildings
• Both will have fire trucks and EMT vehicle attending
• All parties (CIA, NRO, Pentagon, Dulles) are in the same metropolitan area

What are the odds that the everything planned in the NRO’s plane-crash-into-building “drill” would take place in real life at the Pentagon on the very same day just 5min later (officially), or maybe even the same exact time (unofficially)? Source

Utoya, Norway 2011 False Flag Attack And Mock/Security Drill

Only hours before Anders Behring Breivik began shooting children on Utoya, the police emergency squad had did an exercise where they practiced an almost identical situation.

Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut 2012 False Flag Attack And Mock/Security Drill

Israel fakes another video of “Hamas rockets” next to Gaza homes

Screenshot of tweet

The Israeli military tweeted a video containing footage it falsely claimed showed Hamas rockets near civilian homes in Gaza.

The tweet was later deleted.

Israel always claims to do everything possible to avoid civilian casualties when it is bombing Gaza, as it has been doing with savage intensity for more than a week.
Yet day after day, Israel has slaughtered men, women and children in their homes, regularly wiping out whole families.The 200 people killed in Gaza since the Israeli attack began more than a week ago include 59 children and 35 women.So the dilemma for Israel is how to square this horrific reality with its propaganda about protecting civilians.

The solution is to lie and blame the victims.

Israel’s habitual claim is that Hamas and other Palestinian resistance organizations use Palestinian civilians as “human shields,” by routinely firing rockets from residential areas, or even the rooftops of homes.

Israel got caught lying again after it posted a video on Twitter on Saturday titled “Hamas’ Use of Human Shields, Explained.”

The tweet also says: “Israel fights to protect its civilians. Hamas uses civilians to protect itself.”

Old video, fake rockets

But as Raphael Satter, a Reuters journalist observed, the video included “footage of a 2018 Israeli training exercise presented as if it had been shot recently in Gaza.”

The footage appears to show a truck carrying missiles near homes through a narrow residential street. 

But as Aric Toler, a researcher with Western-government funded think tank Bellingcat observed, the truck with the missiles appears to have been a decoy being used as part of an Israeli training exercise.

And it was not filmed in Gaza.

The image is taken from a video filmed more than two years ago in the village of Abu Snan in the Galilee – about as far as you can get from Gaza within Israel.

Cropped footage of the trucks from the 2018 video was used in the now-deleted Israeli army video posted on Saturday. 

The Electronic Intifada was able to view the video in an archived copy in the WayBack Machine.

The 2018 video was posted on an Israeli Facebook page on 25 November 2018.

A caption in Hebrew says, “Trucks with ‘missiles’ took a wrong turn and entered the village of Abu Snan in the north.”

A voice on the video, that of the Arabic-speaking child who apparently filmed it, calls out, “Look guys, the rockets are here.” He sounds excited by the unusual scene.

The visibility of yellow Israeli license plates on parked cars is another clear giveaway that the video was not shot in Gaza.

Israel’s Mako news website reported on 24 November 2018 how Israeli motorists had been surprised to see a truck apparently carrying missiles on a highway near the central Israeli town of Kiryat Gat, heading towards the north.

The report includes a video apparently filmed by an Israeli motorist showing the same sort of decoy truck visible in the Facebook video.

With its lie busted, the Israeli army deleted its tweet, though an archived copy remains online.

Although the video may not play in the archived version for some readers, it had apparently garnered 146,000 views before the Israeli army deleted it.


Lies and fabrications

This latest fabrication is not Israel’s first during its current attack on Gaza.

Last week, Ofir Gendelman, a spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, posted a video on Twitter claiming to show Hamas firing rockets from next to an apartment building in Gaza.

But Gendelman deleted the tweet after Twitter labeled it “manipulated media.” It had in fact been a video filmed in Syria and first posted on YouTube in 2018.

Also last week on CGTN television, I debunked the lie told by a member of Israel’s far-right Yamina party that Hamas was firing rockets from the roofs of residential buildings:

‘israel’ Blames Iran for Vessel Attack

Israeli’s defense minister Benny Gantz said an initial assessment found Iran was responsible for the explosion.

Of course!

28 Feb 2021

Emirati officials did not immediately acknowledge or respond to requests for comment on the vessel docking in the country.

The blast on the ship, a Bahamian-flagged roll-on, roll-off vehicle cargo vessel, recalled a string of attacks on foreign oil tankers in 2019 that the US Navy blamed on Iran.

Tehran denied any role in the suspected assaults, which happened near the Strait of Hormuz, a key oil chokepoint.

On Saturday, Israeli’s defence minister Benny Gantz said an initial assessment found Iran was responsible for the explosion.

Gilad Erdan, Israeli ambassador to the US and United Nations, told Israel’s Army Radio on Sunday “it was no secret that the Iranians are trying to harm Israeli targets”, adding the explosion on the ship bore the hallmarks of other Iranian attacks.

Haaretz newspaper reported that Israeli defence officials flew to Dubai on Saturday to investigate the incident.

‘Espionage’ mission

The Helios Ray discharged cars at various ports in the Gulf before making its way out of the Middle East towards Singapore.

The blast hit as the ship was sailing from the Saudi port Dammam out of the Gulf of Oman, forcing it to turn to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, for inspection.

Iranian authorities have not publicly commented on the ship.

The country’s hardline Kayhan daily, whose editor-in-chief was appointed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, alleged the Helios Ray was “possibly” on an “espionage” mission in the region, without offering any evidence to support the claim.

The Sunday report speculated the ship may have been “trapped in an ambush by a branch of resistance axis”, referring to Iranian proxies in the region.

Iran also has blamed Israel for a recent series of attacks, including a mysterious explosion last summer that destroyed an advanced centrifuge assembly plant at its Natanz nuclear facility and the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a top Iranian scientist who founded Iran’s military nuclear programme two decades ago.

Iran’s repeated vows to avenge Fakhrizadeh’s killing have raised alarms in Israel, particularly as the Gulf sees an increase in traffic from Israel following its normalisation deals with the UAE and Bahrain.

Source : News Agencies

Another French False Flag?

Experts tell Anadolu Agency the fears that ‘terror attacks’ are being orchestrated to demonize Muslims ‘must be considered seriously and investigated’

Nice Mayor  Christian Estrosi spoke of “Islamo-fascism” and said the suspect had “repeated endlessly ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is greatest)”. [First sign of Zionist false flag]

Mayor of Nice accused of 'stigmatising' Muslim population

Mayor of Nice (left) accused of ‘stigmatizing’ Muslim population. He is the recipient of a Doctorate Honoris Causa from the University of Haifa in Israel. He is a Knight of the Legion of Honour from the French Republican, an Officer of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, and a Commander of the Order of Saint-Charles from Monaco

Three people have died in a knife attack at a church in Nice, in what French President Emmanuel Macron said was an “Islamist terrorist attack”.

He said France would not surrender its core values after visiting the Notre-Dame basilica in the southern city. An extra 4,000 troops are being deployed to protect churches and schools.

France was tested to its core Thursday with the coronavirus still raging, a new lockdown set for midnight, and the city of Nice the site of a horrific terror attack.

Three people — two women and a man — were brutally murdered at the Basilica of Notre Dame de l’Assomption in France’s southern city at 9 a.m. Several others were wounded before police shot and arrested the perpetrator, who remains hospitalized.

French President Emmanuel Macron (L) embraces Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at a press conference in Jerusalem on January 22, 2020, – Israel will lobby key leaders at this week’s 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz on what it considers one of the gravest modern threats to the Jewish people: Iran.

President Emmanuel Macron arrived on the scene in the afternoon and paid tribute to the victims, calling the event “an Islamist terrorist attack” and expressing that he had brought the “support of the whole nation to the Catholics.”

The National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office immediately opened an investigation and Prime Minister Jean Castex placed France under an emergency level counter-terrorism plan.

French police also shot dead a man wielding a knife in the city of Avignon just after 11 a.m. Thursday. The officers asked the man to throw down his weapon and fired on him when he failed to comply.

Another man with a knife attacked a security guard at the French consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, causing injuries.

The day ended with yet another huge spike in coronavirus infections, according to France’s Ministry of Health. France is set to enter its second lockdown as of midnight Thursday for the next month, with COVID-19 cases as well as deaths rising over the past weeks, at times exponentially.

As of Thursday evening, 47,637 cases of infection were reported, a rise of 11,200 over Wednesday. Total infections now stand at 1,282,769.

Mayor of the southern Frency city of Nice Christian Estrosi takes part in the 10th national convention of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (CRIF – Conseil Representatif des Institutions juives de France) on November 17, 2019, at Le Palais des Congres in Paris. (Photo by Michel Stoupak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Also, French people will only be allowed to leave their homes for food shopping, medical appointments, pressing family reasons and to commute to work when the job cannot be done from home, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Thursday ahead of a new Covid-19 lockdown starting at midnight. 


A timeline of recent false flags in France

October 2020: French teacher Samuel Paty is beheaded outside a school in a suburb of Paris

September 2020: Two people are stabbed and seriously hurt in Paris near the former offices of Charlie Hebdo, where Islamist militants carried out a deadly attack in 2015

October 2019: Radicalised police computer operator Mickaël Harpon is shot dead after stabbing to death three officers and a civilian worker at Paris police headquarters

July 2016: Two attackers kill a priest, Jacques Hamel, and seriously wound another hostage after storming a church in a suburb of Rouen in northern France

July 2016: A gunman drives a large lorry into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, killing 86 people in an attack claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group

November 2015: Gunmen and suicide bombers launch multiple co-ordinated attacks on the Bataclan concert hall, a major stadium, restaurants and bars in Paris, leaving 130 people dead and hundreds wounded

January 2015: Two Islamist militant gunmen force their way into Charlie Hebdo’s offices and shoot dead 12 people

Were the “terrorist attacks” in Paris and San Bernardino false flag operations? Most of this book’s 27 contributors say “yes.” Though the government, academy, and mainstream media are afraid to explore the evidence, these 27 leading public intellectuals – including former high-level government officials, professors, and journalists – fearlessly explain how and why our own governments are slaughtering us in horrific terror events set up to be falsely blamed on “radical Muslim” patsies.

From the Pentagon’s “Operation Gladio,” a US military program which orchestrated almost all of the high-profile “terrorist attacks” during the Cold War, to the post-9/11 era, abundant evidence indicates that most terrorism is created by governments and falsely blamed on their enemies. The motive: Roll back freedom, promote authoritarian leadership, and prepare the public for war.

In this book, former CIA counter-terrorism officers Philip Giraldi and Robert David Steele, leading economic advisor to President Reagan Paul Craig Roberts, and two dozen other top analysts question the official stories of what happened in Paris on 11/13/15 and in San Bernardino on 12/2/15.

This book was published on the first anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. It follows on the heels of We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11, which garnered praise from 9/11 researcher leader David Ray Griffin, international law professor Richard Falk, and former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, among other luminaries.

ANOTHER French False Flag, and We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo, have pioneered a new genre: “Open-Source Intelligence” projects that expose big false flags shortly after they happen. Why is this necessary? Normally, false flags are designed so that the Official Story is hammered deep into the public mind in the immediate aftermath of the event, when people are in a state of shock and susceptible to mass hypnosis. If critics wait too long to express a skeptical view, it will fall on deaf ears. So if we want to win the “infowar” by spreading the truth, we need to act as quickly as possible. These books do that.

ANOTHER French False Flag is a monument to free speech in a time of cowardice and censorship (especially self-censorship). Editor Kevin Barrett, who was driven out of the University of Wisconsin by Republican politicians for questioning 9/11, has been attacked indirectly by French President François Hollande in anti-conspiracy-theory tirades, and named as one of the five most dangerous “conspiracy intellectuals” in the world by Hollande’s think tank, the Jean Jaurés Institute.

That hasn’t stopped Barrett from repeatedly flying to Paris to give interviews (in French) and participate in conferences in which he tells the French people that it is Hollande’s government and its foreign allies—NOT “radical Muslims”—who have been mass-murdering them in their streets, offices, stadiums, cafés and nightclubs.

As a challenge to the censors, Barrett has chosen to include a very wide variety of perspectives in this book. Most readers will find something in it challenging, disagreeable, perhaps even offensive. And that is when free speech matters most. As the spurious Voltaire quote has it, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

ANOTHER French False Flag and its predecessor We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo are the most important books the truth movement has produced since the 2002 – 2005 period that gave us the seminal works of Thierry Meyssan, Nafeez Ahmed, David Ray Griffin, and Webster Tarpley. As former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer says, “Today’s Western governments and mainstream media are not trustworthy. If you want the truth, you need to read books like this.”

False Flag Attacks in Argentina: 1992 and 1994

“The archer always has a ready lie”. israel blamed Hezbollah without evidence or even an investigation. israel merely wanted Hezbollah put on a terrorist list because Hezbollah defends Lebanon against israeli terror. Only israel benefits from terror plots.

Coinciding with Thierry Meyssan’s earlier conclusions and with those of other Argentinian investigators [*], economist and globalization expert Adrian Salbuchi chronicles the events that shook Buenos Aires in 1992 and 1994, contouring their flagrant false-flag characteristics and irrefutable Israeli footprint, and connecting them to a wider pattern of similar “terrorist attacks”.

Far from being fortuitous, Salbuchi offers a coherent picture in which all these events tie in with a broader scheme for global economic and military domination.

The earlier case involving the Israeli Embassy has suffered a gradual information black-out as time has passed for various “understandable reasons”, at least, from a Zionist standpoint.

To begin with, because the target was the embassy of a foreign power, understandably Israel had a strong influence on actions that were taken and the dissemination of information.

However, the case for a car bomb melted away when the State Prosecutor and the Court hearing on this case invited technical specialist surveyors from the Argentine National Engineers Academy to determine what caused the Israeli Embassy building to collapse.

Their conclusion was that the explosion took place from inside the building and was not caused by an alleged car-bomb.

To make matters worse for Zionist pressure groups, a passer-by had filmed from several blocks away the mushroom cloud that rose from that explosion, a characteristic effect that also pointed to an internal explosion.

JPEG - 21.7 kb
1992 bomb attack at the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires.

The embassy building was in a very densely populated part of Buenos Aires and, although the shock wave broke glass windows and plaster of practically all the buildings across the street from the Embassy – even blowing-in a vitreaux of a church across the street, which sadly fell on a priest and killed him – the only building structurally affected was the Embassy itself.

Clearly, we either had a car bomb with an unrealistically selective shock wave or the explosion took place inside the building and there was no car bomb.

There are many other signs that point to this conclusion. Probably, for this reason, the case of the Embassy was mentioned less and less frequently by the media, especially after strong rumours surfaced that what actually blew up was an arsenal that the Israelis apparently had housed in the building’s basement.

At the time of the explosion, a group of Israeli Labour Government officers were meeting to discuss matters pertaining to the recently initiated Madrid Peace Conference process, but “luckily” left the building just before the explosion. The same occurred with the Ambassador himself who, fortuitously, also happened to depart the premises before the blast.

A very different situation altogether has arisen with the circumstances surrounding the second and more deadly attack on the AMIA building, which has always received very high profile coverage in the local and even some international media to this very day.

In contrast with the Embassy, this building housed a private, Argentine organization AMIA, and its sister political organization, DAIA. Those killed were all Argentine citizens, and the whole tragedy fell strictly under Argentine jurisdiction.

And yet, on the very same day the explosion took place, then President Carlos Menem officially requested the assistance of the FBI and CIA from the United States and the Mossad intelligence service and the armed forces of Israel.

JPEG - 22.7 kb
AMIA building after 1994 attack.

In the ensuing chaos amidst the rubble, tempers ran very high with local police when Israeli Army intelligence officers planted an Israeli flag in the rubble.

Almost immediately, those same Israelis “luckily” found a piece of the alleged car-bomb – a white Renault ‘Trafic” van – that “luckily” just happened to have the manufacturer’s serial number on it.

This was reminiscent of other highly unlikely but “lucky” finds, such as the FBI’s locating one alleged suicide bomber intact passport in the rubble of the World Trade Center just after 9/11!

From the beginning, the AMIA case has been riddled with corruption, fraud and lies, inconsistencies, even flagrant contradictions and crime in the highest places.

The case has gone through seven Federal courts. A special “AMIA Department” was actually set up by the Judiciary to house literally hundreds of thousands of pages of declarations, evidence, reports, surveys, studies, accusations and counteraccusations that have built up over the more than fifteen years that have lapsed since the attack occurred.

For a number of years, the case was heard in the District Court presided by a Federal Judge by the name of Juan Galeano, who was so weak – if not downright stupid – that he allowed himself to be coaxed and pressured by local Zionist organizations – the AMIA and DAIA themselves – into authorizing payment of a 400,000 USD kickback to a shady used-car dealer by the name of Carlos Telleldín, who had sold the alleged car bomb van to alleged Hizbollah operatives in return for his formally accusing three Buenos Aires Police officers of being the “local connection” that would lead first to Syria, then to Hizbollah, and finally to Iran.

The money for that 400,000 USD kickback was provided by the then-president of the DAIA, Rubén Beraja through his (now defunct) bank Banco Mayo. Beraja recently spent several years in jail because of the fraudulent collapse of that bank.

But, to understand how these global power networks actually work, let me point out that before that, in 1996, when Paul Volcker set up a so-called “Commission of Eminent Persons” to “investigate” dormant Jewish accounts in major Swiss Banks – through which they extracted more than 1.25 billion USD from those banks –, he (Volker) actually chose as one of the “eminent persons” to sit on the Commission the very same shady character, Rubén Beraja.

The corruption, wheeling and dealing got so bad that, under the Kirchner government, it was decided to scrap everything and “start from scratch”, which we would soon discover actually meant using the CIA and the Mossad to fabricate false accusations against Iran. That’s where we stand today.

JF: You mention the official accounts maintain both attacks were caused by car bombs. But my impression is that the explosions were just the opposite – that they both occurred from the inside out. Is that right?

AS: That’s what the technical experts say. And, if we use common sense, we all know that, every time there is an attack with real car-bombs, you always find large parts of the vehicles used by the terrorists. In these two attacks, however, nothing was found of either of the alleged bomb-carrying vehicles except for false evidence apparently planted by Israeli officers, as I mentioned above.

In the case of the AMIA, the Court asked a Border Police (Gendarmería) surveyor to give an “official opinion” about the alleged car-bomb van and this person, by the name of Commander Osvaldo Laborda, officially said that no more parts were found “because the explosion buried it deep under the entrance to the former AMIA building”, if you can believe that.

Now, I’m a close friend of defence lawyer Juan Gabriel Labaké, who represents two Argentine citizens of Syrian descent who have been falsely accused of involvement. (I say “falsely” because, after 15 years, not a shred of evidence has been brought against them.)

Since the case against his clients and against Iran hinge on that elusive car-bomb van, Dr. Labaké recently asked Special State Prosecutor Alberto Nisman to dig four meters under the entrance to the former AMIA building in order to determine, once and for all, if the remains of that vehicle exist.

Prosecutor Nisman refused to do so, which is not surprising when you consider that he tours the world spreading a fanatically pro-Israel and anti-Arab message regarding the AMIA attack.

At the end of 2007, for example, Mr. Nisman was a special guest at the Annual Meeting of the American Jewish Congress. In March 2009, he gave a presentation at the Queensborough Holocaust Library in New York City.

At the end of 2008 he personally submitted a full report on the status of this case to the Supreme Court – not of Argentina, as you might expect, but of Israel in Tel Aviv. Clearly, Mr Nisman acts as Special Prosecutor not on behalf of Argentina but of the State of Israel!

JF: In the aftermath of the Embassy Attack, you mentioned that a professional engineering society undertook research and determined that the explosion was from the inside. Is that right?

AS: Yes, the Argentine National Academiy of Engineers reached that conclusion and when then Supreme Court Judge Adolfo Vazquez quite reasonably accepted its report, he was publicly rebuked and even insulted by Mr. Ram Aviram, Israel’s ambassador to Argentina.

JF: Adrian, you also mentioned that the Mossad participated in gathering information on one or both of these attacks. That, to me, is simply incredible. How did that come about?

AS: Well, the real culprit was former president Carlos Menem who deferred to Israeli, Zionist, and US pressure and actually “called on the US and Israel” to help in the investigation, to which both willingly agreed.

JF: You have explained that the Mossad even produced a part of a vehicle, which just happened to include a vehicle identification plate?

AS: Yes, as unikely as that sounds. This “evidence” was finally rejected by the Court when it became so flagrantly obvious that it had been planted at the scene of the crime.

They then came up with several other pieces of “the car-bomb van”, which, when sent to the local Renault plant for verification, turned out to belong to two different vehicles, one of which apparently didn’t have a fuel pump installed, so it could have hardly gone anywhere!

JF: How embarrassing! How did the Argentine courts handle this? Were even the courts deferring to US and Israeli interference?

AS: It was shameful. The courts were accommodating to Israeli and US interference. The media whipped up a huge frenzy.

The Zionist organizations set up one teary-eyed public manifestation after another wailing for “justice”, asking for “Memory” lest the world forget these attacks -which you couldn’t if you tried! – and accused the Argentine judiciary of being “non-performing, inefficient, sluggish” when they did not immediately perform as required by Zionist objectives and interests, i.e., flagrantly accept all falsifications and lies.

The best example of what I say is the one I have referred to regarding pro-Zionist Judge Galeano. Can you imagine a Federal Judge authorizing that a jailed criminal be given a kick-back to falsely incriminate the local police and thus mislead the entire case? On top of it, the money for the kick-back was provided by the president of AMIA’s sister organization DAIA!

JF: In Argentina, many citizens believe that the AMIA case is riddled with corruption, irregularities and false information. From what you have said, I take it that this is indeed the case.

AS: Unfortunately! But this was on account of a very sad combination of our having a weak government and weaker collateral institutions – especially Argentina’s judiciary – an accomplice press, which systematically supports the Zionist Message and helps them publicize their victim-like woes, in order to attract the sympathy of public opinion. This is true in Argentina as it is in most Western countries.

Today, under the Kirchner government, Zionist pressures have managed to twist Argentina’s foreign policy way out of shape – so much so that the Argentine government has formally accused former Iranian president Ali Rafsanjani and seven of his key cabinet members – which by the way includes president Ahmadinejad’s recently named Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi – on trumped-up charges of having financed and planned the AMIA attack via Hezbollah.

All these allegations are based exclusively on blatantly false intelligence provided by the CIA and Mossad. Can anyone actually believe that these two intelligence services are impartial and objective? The siutation is a farce.

JF: Adrian, why were there such unlikely “official accounts” in the first place? My impression is that politics was affecting the investigations – actually dominating them.

AS: The Argentine Courts have spent 15 years searching for proof of an “Iranian – Syrian – Hezbollah Connection”, which they have never found, for the simple but powerful reason that such a link does not exist.

However, both terror attacks fall quite neatly into place in a much more logical way when you insert them within the rationale, not of a non-existent “Iranian Connection”, but rather of a very concrete “Israeli Connection”.

Why do I say this? Well let’s take a look of what was happening in Israel in the early 90s when these attacks took place. In 1991, we saw the Madrid Peace Conference begin.

In Israel, the Labour party clearly had the upper hand, especially when General Yitzhak Rabin became prime minister. By June 1992. Rabin seemed to have honestly tried to reach some sort of mutual agreement with the Palestinians, which, however, would have meant stopping and dismantling a good part of the illegal settlements set up by the fanatical fundamentalist ultra-right wing Nazi Zionists, who maintain that anyone that gives up even a square inch of “Sacred Israeli Land” is a traitor.

Rabin and his Labour party tried to move forward with the peace process and, in September 1993, we saw Rabin – albeit, reluctantly – shaking hands with Yasser Arafat as overseen by Bill Clinton in the White House Rose Garden. He then reached out to Syria to arrange final peace terms over the Golan Heights.

Rabin even allowed Arafat to return to Palestine after 27 years of exile, which took place at the beginning of July 1994.

JPEG - 23.6 kb
Baruch Goldstein

To put it mildly, the ultra-right wing Zionists went berserk. In February of that year, a New York Jew by the name of Baruch Goldstein, a member of the fanatic Kach Group, broke into a Hebron Mosque and machined gunned more than 40 Muslims while they were at prayer.

“Surprisingly”, he had passed through Israeli “security” with no trouble! Goldstein was killed in turn; and his tomb in Israel has since become a place of pilgrimage and worship for the ultra-rightwing Zionist Nazi’s.

Look at the timeline: on 14 July 1994, right smack in the middle of the unfolding of this insidious internal fighting amongst Zionists and inside Israel, the AMIA building was blown up. AMIA’s leadership at that time was pro-Labour, so it was clearly a “warning shot” from the ultra-right Nazi-Zionist wing for Rabin and his Labour government to stop negotiating “Land for Peace” with the Palestinians.

It now appears that prime minister Rabin, who was a tough guy, did not “get the message”. So, when does this whole sequence come to a head?

On 4 November 1995 – just 16 months after the AMIA attack – Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was gunned down, JFK-like, on the streets of Tel-Aviv, not by a Neo-Nazi nor by an Islamic Fundamentalist, but by one Ygal Amir, a young ultra-right-wing student member of the settler’s movement linked to the internal security service Shin Beth, which was being vigorously reshuffled by Rabin.

Shimon Peres then stayed on as prime minister for a while, but when elections were finally called, the Labour Party was swept away and the right-wing Zionist won the day, when Benjamin Netanyahu was ushered in as prime minister in 1997.

The ultra right has been in power ever since, with Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert and now, once again, Netanyahu.

The in-fighting among Zionists had as one of its bloody episodes the bombing of the Israeli Embassy and later the AMIA building in Argentina, which was perceived by the Zionist Nazis at the time as a symbol of Labour’s stronghold.

Why Buenos Aires, you might ask? Simple – because Argentine public security has always been, and still is, very weak, thus making both terror operations relatively easy with Argentine targets.

Nevertheless, and similar to 9/11, although they have shown the technical capability to carry out false flag attacks with (almost) technical perfection – using bombs, controlled demolitions, and all – they still are extremely sloppy in that they have left their fingerprints all over the place when perpetrating these attacks which have been revealed by inconsistencies that have proven impossible to explain away.

JF: I am troubled by what you have had so say about the courts and the media. Not only have the courts been partial but the coverage has been anything but “fair and balanced”.

AS: The problem with Argentina is that over the past forty years our Nation-State has eroded so badly that it has ceased being a Sovereign Institution and become a highly dependent Colonial Administration entity.

Now, how can you expect a totally dependent nation like Argentina to have an “independent judiciary”? No way. Our judiciary does the bidding for those people who really control and run the country, where a global power network of think tanks, NGO’s, lobbies and pressure groups has the final say.

This network includes not just entities like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Conference, and Chatham House, but also embedded within it are The World Jewish Council, AIPAC, the B’Nai B’Rith Masonic Lodge, the World Zionist Organization, the ADL, and the American Jewish Congress, among many, many others. It is this power network that calls the shots and twists our government’s arms!

Harvard professor Stephen Walt and Chicago University professor John Mearsheimer in their watershed book “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy”, have convincingly shown that Zionist organizations control US Foreign policy in the Middle East.

Their work has been widely admired abroad but given scant notice in the United States itself.

If this consortium wields such power over the US, can you imagine what it can do with a weak country like Argentina? Naturally, the global think-tank network also drafts what the global media should report and say.

They are those who decide who will appear as “good guys” and who as “bad guys” on CNN, Fox News, The New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, and so on. More still, they are the ones who decide what is and what isn’t news!

JF: These two cases took place under the administration of President Carlos Menem. Since then several presidents have come and gone. Over the last 6 1/2 years, your country has been governed by the Kirchners (Nestor and Cristina). How have they been handling this case?

AS: Dreadfully! Before leaving as president, Nestor Kirchner practically imposed his wife, Cristina, as his successor in the presidency.

Before that, she was a senator who sat on the commission investigating the AMIA attack and she appears to have struck up a very close relationship with Zionist organizations.

JPEG - 29.8 kb
President Cristina Kircher in a meeting with Zionist groups.

A year before they changed places, then President Nestor Kirchner, his wife Cristina and Foreign Minister (then and now) Jorge Taiana, held a secret meeting in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City on 21 September 2006, with eight major Zionist pro-Israel organizations, including The American Jewish Congress, B’Nai B’Rith, ADL and others.

We don’t know what they discussed because, as I say, it was held in secret; but, one month later, the Kirchners dispatched special prosecutor Alberto Nisman to the US, where he met with CIA and Mossad agents and, upon his return, launched a formal accusation against the former Iranian government of Ali Rafsanjani.

The judge hearing this case at the time, Dr. Rodolfo Canicoba Corral, immediately obliged by accepting it.

This was headline news and prompted Rabbi Israel Singer, the political director of the World Jewish Congress, to “congratulate the Argentine government” as Argentina’s accusation against Iran “confirmed the commitment the Kirchners undertook during that secret meeting”.

Commitment? To do what? Why? In exchange for what? [1]

I personally wrote open letters to the Kirchners asking for an answer. Naturally, they would never even acknowledge receipt to any letter sent by a “common citizen”.

That’s Argentina’s “democracy” for you! A country where a president can do all sorts of treacherous wheeling and dealing with foreign powers in broad daylight and there’s nothing that the “common citizen” can do to stop them!

JF: Have Zionist lobbying groups and organizations been exerting massive pressure?

AS: Yes. They wield decisive power, not just over foreign policy, as we see in the case of the AMIA, but over our media, banking, government, universities, NGO’s, cultural and social life.

Yet, official Jewish sources indicate that there are a mere 200,000 Jews living in Argentina – just 0.5% of our population of 40 million people.

Either they are truly a superior ethnic group, which would warrant their being so very heavily over-represented in Argentina’s social life, or maybe – just maybe – they are abusing their well-known economic wealth and international support from Zionist organizations and the global power network to which I have I referred, which is fully aligned to Zionist objectives and interests.

JF: What are the domestic and international political interests that have been clashing over these two cases since their occurrence?

AS: I think we must see this all as part of the Israeli and US hawks’ war-mongering, which in recent years has so unabashedly targeted Iran, where every day we hear new threats of unilateral military attack against a peaceful nation, which, by the way, has never attacked nor invaded any other country in modern times, something we can hardly say about the US and Israel – even though JFK had affirmed that the US would never attack another nation. [2]

Iran not only has never attacked any other nation but has been repeatedly attacked by “The West”! For example, in 1941, Churchill and Stalin invaded what was then Persia to grab its oil so they could fight their war against Hitler.

In 1953, Iran’s democratically-elected President, Mahmoud Mossadegh, was ousted by a CIA-orchestrated coup after he nationalised foreign oil companies.

And, when in 1979 Iran finally got rid of what had been pro-US/UK oil companies under Shah Pahlevi, the US armed then ”good guy” Saddam Hussein with chemical WMD’s so Iraq could wage a brutal and genocidal war against Iran for 8 years during the 80s. It’s quite a record!

JF: What has been the reaction of the Jewish community in Argentina to these two purported attacks, which have been blamed on Iran?

AS: Local Zionist Jews – and non-Jews alike – have been hysterically pro-Israel and anti-Iran/Muslim. Sadly, while there is a substantial portion of anti- or non-Zionist Jews in Argentina, but they dare not open their mouths beause they know that, if they do, the local Zionist lobbies – with AMIA and DAIA at the helm – will immediately brand them as “bad Jews”.

We have been asking the healthy part of the local Jewish community to stand up and against AMIA, DAIA and the Israeli Embassy, saying that they have NO right to say they “speak on behalf of all Jews”.

We insist that they should speak up and speak for themseles. As a form of self-preservation, however it seems their mental bonds and fears are too strong to break. Consequetly, not a lot can be expected from this segment of the community.

JPEG - 48.4 kb
Demonstration against Avigdor Lieberman’s visit to Argentina (Buenos Aires, 23 July 2009).

JF: When we ask, “Who benefits?”, it is not Iran but another nation in the Middle East, one that has a substantial nuclear arsenal but which has never been challenged by the UN. Why is that?

AS: Yes. All these events, lies, distractions, misleadings, wrong directions and wrong turns seem to have one sole beneficiary: the State of Israel. It has always been that way – and that is grossly unfair to Argentina where all ethnic groups and races live peacefully together. Clearly, we need to better identify the rotten apples in our barrel.

JF: These events appear to me to have been orchestrated with the objective of undermining technical and scientific cooperation between Argentina and Iran in relation to the development of peacefull atomic energy. Iran would never have committed such attacks because it would have been contrary to its interests. Israel appears to me to be the culprit. Am I right that you agree?

AS: Yes. In fact, Argentina was always in the forefront in our region on nuclear investigation and technology.

This all goes back to the shrewd policies of former president Juan Domingo Perón, who, irrespective of his mistakes, always had the nation’s interests very much in mind. As soon as Carlos Menem came to power in 1989, he bowed down to George Bush Senior’s pressure and halted the nuclear technology cooperation agreement we had with Iran at the time.

The Iranians meanwhile seem to have been able to replace this with Chinese, Russian and even German technology; so the real looser was Argentina, who lost a loyal trade partner and a strategic ally in Iran.

The cover up story invented by the CIA, Mossad, Israel, AMIA, DAIA, the Kirchners and others, would have you believe that President Rafsanjani planned the attack on AMIA in revenge for Argentina having discontinued its nuclear cooperation. All I can say is, that is a lot of rubbish!

JF: What similarities do you find with other attacks in the US on 9/11, in the UK on 7/7, and in Madrid on 3/11?

AS: Well, they all seem to have the same “fingerprint” so to speak. As I say above:
• these false flag events all had near-perfect technical performance, where the buildings they wanted to be blown up and collapse, always did so – reflecting massive technological support and planning;
• but they left “loose ends” that were impossible to explain-away – their lies ended up showing glaringly;
• they all had episodes of planted evidence;
• the “right people” – common workers – died, while top brass – ambassadors, CEOs, governors, billionaires – were “luckily” out of the buildings at the time; and,
• finally, they all served to support the “Global War on Islamic Terror”.

In short, all of them played perfectly into Israel’s circumstantial needs and objectives: they all had the “right” media coverage, and “politically correct” explanations, which were repeated ad nauseam. Yes, AMIA and the Israeli Embassy belong in the same league as 9/11, 7/7 and Madrid! [3]

JF: How do these two attacks tie in with a grander global strategy on the part of Zionist powers?

AS: As I mentioned, Zionist lobbies, power groups, and NGOs are part of the highly complex, intricate network of a discreet – not secret – Global Private Power Network that seems to have been running the world over the past 6 or 7 decades.

I’m referring to the CFRers, Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, AIPACs and World Jewish Congress, among many others, including AMIA and DAIA in Argentina. It is this power network that carries out the long-term planning for the New World Order power elite.

Look at the CFR, for example: they are 4500 members-strong, brainy people in all professions, all led by a compact group of the truly powerful folks – the Rockefellers, Bushes, Harrimans, Schiffs, Clintons, Warburgs, Greenspans, Goldman Sachs’, Forbe’s, Rothchilds, Wolfowitzs, and many, many others.

The CFR provides the key people and whiz kids who sit on the boards and run Corporate America’s S&P 1000 as CEO’s and other key posts, but they also run your major banks, and they always run multilateral agencies like the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO, and they also run the FED.

When I say “run” I mean there is always a CFR/Trilateral man or woman at the helm. But they also run your key media outlets, and they determine the politically correct paradigms in academic life (Ivy-League universities) and – perhaps, most important – they are systematically in charge of key governmental posts of executive power, State Department, Treasury, Defence, CIA, FBI, NSA, key embassies, key Congressional posts, and so on – whether Republican or Democrat matters little.

JF: That is a powerful indictment. Can you elaborate on the reasoning that supports it?

AS: Let me explain this in another way. I like classical music, and when you go to the theatre to hear Beethoven’s 9th Symphony “Chorale”, for example, what do you see? 100 musicians, 4 soloist singers, and another 100 in the chorus on stage.

All are ready to produce the right sounds and music of Beethoven. But before they can begin, one last man shows up, takes a bow, gives his back to the audience and with a little stick makes the magic of Beethoven happen.

He stands right in the middle of the orchestra pit and can hear exactly how everything sounds and must ensure that it sounds right – the way Beethoven wanted it to sound.

Then it often happens that the brass plays too loud, or the violins too low, or a singer might loose his way – but he, the Conductor, makes sure that the first violins, second violins, violas, cellos, basses, woodwinds, brass, percussion, soloists and chorus, each do “their thing” at the right time, with the right level and all in perfect unison.

But he does not do things at his whim – never, sir; he conducts based on a piece of paper which has the musical score to Beethoven’s symphony on it, with very precise directions as to tempo, volume, and so forth. In other words, the conductor directs exactly what a man who died in 1827 – Beethoven – wanted him to direct.

This metaphor helps us understand the inner workings of the present world order: the counterpart of each instrument/singer are the corporations, banks, multilateral agencies, organizations, media outlets, government posts, military commanders, and so on, who actually run the world.

The conductor here would be the compact global power network or web of think tanks/lobbies/pressure groups. The musical score is the long-term plan of the truly powerful who run this world. It is a shame that instead of producing beauty as Beethoven and our musicians do, they create a monstrous world based on violence, injustice, greed, war, blood, sweat and tears!

JF: What does the Argentine public currently think about all this?

AS: Nothing! Almost nobody understands how the world really works! And not just here.

The same happens in the US, Europe and mostly everywhere. That’s why it is so important to awaken people to this reality, even if we have to do it one by one.

JF: What is Argentina’s place within the scheme of “The New World Order”?

AS: Oh, we have been earmarked as suppliers of cheap commodities – energy, mining, foodstuffs, and water – and maybe some suitably oriented good New World Order trained whiz kids to help run the show for them – to become their well-paid managers.

This is why Argentina has been kept artificially underpopulated. We have the world’s 8th largest territory, and yet our population is around only 40 million people. We should be 140-240 million! Even worse, 80% of the population is crammed into a handful of mega-cities: Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, Tucumán. Especially the southern part of Argentina – oil, mining and water-rich Patagonia – is all but uninhabited.

JPEG - 21.4 kb
Water-rich Patagonia.

Zionists have set their eyes on Patagonia – both on the Argentine as well as Chilean sides – for many years now, as they probably plan on setting up a second Jewish State there. The founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, actually mentioned this in his book “A Jewish State” published in 1896, which set off the Zionist movement. The title of one of its chapters says it all: it’s called “Palestine or Argentine?” I leave the rest to your informed imagination!

JF: You have sketched a plan for economic and military global domination. Am I right and, if so, what can we do about it? Where do we go from here?

AS: Yes. They are aiming at setting up a formal World Government which is to replace Globalization.

Globalization has all the trappings of a world government, however it is still Informal.

Yes. They are aiming at setting up a formal World Government which is to replace Globalization.

While globalization has all the trappings of a world government, it is still informal. Major changes are on the horizon.

“Coming events cast their shadows forwards”, German playwright Johann Goethe once said.

Having an inkling of what’s coming is sort of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle where as you put the pieces together – an image starts to appear.

Now, if, as you are doing this, the front side of a boat appears, you don’t need to be a genius to know that what you have to look for are the remaining pieces of the boat!

Out of sheer common sense, you will not look for the back of a train or a house: it’ll no doubt be a boat.

Any blue pieces will probably be sky – so move them upwards – and the green ones will be grass – so move them downwards.

As you do so, the image will become more and more complete. You need only have about 60% of the pieces in place to have an idea of the whole picture.

It’s the art of using common sense to infer the pieces that are missing. Same with this New World Order, you don’t need to have all the pieces in place to know what it will look like.

Based on this, I say that what is coming will be a FORMAL public world government run from a higher PRIVATE level.

I envision it will have several specialized key centers: New York City (as Financial Capital of the World), Washington DC (as the Military Administrative Capital of a Global Armed Force), London (as the Political Capital, the “World’s Mastermind” as I call it, as it has always been), Rome (or rather, the Vatican, as the “World’s Religious Ecumenical Clearing House”, which explains why many decadent clergy under Joseph Ratzinger are so eager to blend-in in as “politically correct” a manner as they can, into the New World Order), and finally Jerusalem will be the “Spiritual Capital” of the world, where the NWO Zionists plan on executing their centuries-old dream of enthroning the “King of the World”.

This last part ties in with certain Biblical prophesy they wish to make “come true”, and which Zionist Christians in the US link up with the “Second Coming”. “Proof” of this, they say, is the return of the Jews to Israel. Now they need to (re)build the Third Temple of Solomon. The problem is that the Dome of the Rock Mosque, one of Islam’s most holy shrines, sits on that site. I wonder if there’s another bomb on the way there?

JF: Adrian, I can’t thank you enough for coming on the show to discuss these events, which, in my view, shed light on a host of related events in the United States and elsewhere. We must understand them if we want to remain free of manipulation by forces that want to control us. For more of Adrian Salbuchi’s research, visit his web sites at and at For those who want to make direct contact, email him at [email protected].

Another Israel Gov OP Atrocity In Occupied Palestine

 Today: Dozens of Palestinian Faction Members Arrested for Planning West Bank Terror Attacks. 

The Israel Defense Forces initiated Operation Brother’s Keeper (Hebrew: מבצע שובו אחים‎, Mivtza Shuvu Ahim) in search of the three teenagers.[10] As part of the operation, in the following 11 days Israel arrested around 350 Palestinians,[11][12][13] including nearly all of Hamas‘ West Bank leaders.[14] Five Palestinians were killed during the military operation.[15][16][17][18]


It could be a total fake or these teens could have actually been murdered by Israeli gov. The Zionist Jews have been using Jews for false flag operations since ww2.

Evidence that came to light after Israel removed its gag order on information regarding the June 12 kidnapping and murder of three Jewish Israeli students suggests that it could have been an Israeli government operation that was intentionally used to punish Hamas and break up the new Palestinian unity government.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had immediately accused Hamas of the kidnapping — without presenting any evidence — and proceeded to “conduct a search” throughout the entirety of the West Bank until the bodies were reportedly found on June 30th.

The “search” entailed arresting and beating up about 600 Hamas members (including legislators) and trashing about 2100 homes; Israeli forces killed at least 7 Palestinians. Israel also heightened its daily air strikes on the Gaza Strip, which has been under the Israeli blockade since Sept. 2006.

The Gaza government appealed to the UN for relief, which responded by condemning the kidnappings rather than the massive abuse of the Palestinian population. And then urging “all parties” to show restraint.

On July 1, Israel removed a gag order on information about the kidnapping that revealed shocking facts:

The Israeli government had informed members of the press around June 15th that it was aware that the students had been killed (1) but placed a gag order on that information: the government must thus have known where the bodies were.

The brutal “search” was merely cover for punishment of members of Hamas, the democratically-elected party of Palestinians throughout the occupied territories. The Israeli media played along with the pretext for the abuse.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were only called in 8-9 hours after the first call to report the kidnapping. One of the students placed a call to the police emergency hotline 10 minutes after they accepted a hitchhiking ride home, with the message that he was being kidnapped.

The statement was followed by what sounded like several gunshots, groans and silence; the call lasted for 49 seconds. Police ignored the call. The teen’s father called police 5 hours later, at 3:30 am, to report his son missing. “Several hours” after that, after an exchange of 54 phone calls, the IDF and Shin Bet finally became involved.

Despite possession of all of the evidence of the kidnappings and murders, the Israeli government has offered no evidence that indicates responsibility for the acts. Those with any direct connection to the phone calls or the finding of the bodies have remained unidentified.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has used this event for huge political gain:

to create divisions within the new “unity government” of Fatah and Hamas,

to physically punish Hamas members and the cause of Palestinian resistance,

to get legislation passed through the Knesset to block the return of East Jerusalem to Palestinians (1),

to try to foment a third intifada to legitimate further attacks on Palestinians (1) and

to whip up such hatred of Palestinians that it has become dangerous for them to be seen on Israeli streets.

The Israeli government is continuing to harass and attack Palestinians until it supposedly finds the killers. The two young Hebron men named as the accused have been missing since June 12th.

The uncovering of this deception should arouse world condemnation.

“Beyond the Axis of Evil”, by the Dishonorable John Bolton Policy Analyst

I have a book I bought some years ago titled “The Neo-con Reader” by Bill Kristol, the “godfather” of the Neo-con movement. Other contributors are Condoleeza Rice, Henry Kissinger, Max Boot, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, and some others I don’t know.  They all say the same thing in their own words.

Jeane Kirkpatrick, the godmother of the neoconservative movement

Kirkpatrick appeared on PBS’s Newshour and praised the president for presenting an “effective and clear explanation of the US case…against Iraq.”

She was known for the “Kirkpatrick Doctrine“, which advocated supporting authoritarian regimes around the world if they went along with Washington’s aims. 

At the time of purchasing the book, the neo-cons were all the rave and I wanted to know what it meant. What is their ideology. What were their plans. It was just after 9/11 I began to read about everything.

At the time I read the Neocon Reader I was a blank slate.  But I’ve had enough time to see how it all has unfolded and the Neocon narrative destroys itself.  Time, attention to the issues.

If the Neocon narrative has anything to go on, why do they have to consistently lie? They have one agenda with no morals or rule of law and they know the people need humanitarian reasons to accept war. We need to believe we’re within the law, doing good for the world. So they invent them. USAID, interventions for democracy blah blah blah.

They are a fifth columnist fascist organization with an agenda, agents for Israel (most of them are Jewish pro-Israel)  with the Zionist agenda of taking full advantage of being the world superpower, staging a policy coup via the 9/11 ‘New pearl Harbor’.   

Keeping us silly people distracted debating issues like gender identity, gay rights etal. DUMBING US DOWN.

I found John Bolton’s thesis online so I can post excerpts.

Policy Analyst

One hoax after another.

President Bush believes it is critical not to underestimate the threat from terrorist groups and rogue states intent on obtaining weapons of mass destruction.

As he said on the six-month anniversary of the attacks, “Every nation in our coalition must take seriously the growing threat of terror on a catastrophic scale–terror armed with biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons.”

We must not doubt for a moment the possible catastrophic consequences of terrorists or their rogue state sponsors who are willing to use disease as a weapon to spread chemical agents to inflict pain and death, or to send suicide-bound adherents armed with radiological weapons on missions of mass murder.

Every nation must commit itself to preventing the acquisition of such weapons by state sponsors of terrorism or terrorist groups. As President Bush said:

Our lives, our way of life, and our every hope for the world depend on a single commitment: The authors of mass murder must be defeated, and never allowed to gain or use the weapons of mass destruction.

Secretary Powell said in his Senate testimony April 24,

There are terrorists in the world who would like nothing better than to get their hands on and use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

So there is a definite link between terrorism and WMD. Not to recognize that link would be foolhardy to the extreme.

Multilateral agreements are important to our nonproliferation arsenal. This Administration strongly supports treaties such as the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), the Chemical Weapons Convention, and the Biological Weapons Convention.

But in order to be effective and provide the assurances they are designed to bring, they must be carefully and universally adhered to by all signatories.

Therefore, strict compliance with existing treaties remains a major goal of our arms control policy.

U.S., Iran, Israel. Which one has NOT signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?

While the vast majority of the BWC’s parties have conscientiously met their commitments, the United States is extremely concerned that several states are conducting offensive biological weapons programs while publicly avowing compliance with the agreement.

To expose some of these violators to the international community, last November, I named publicly several states the U.S. government knows to be producing biological warfare agents in violation of the BWC.

Foremost is Iraq.

Next is North Korea.

Then comes Iran.

Beyond the axis of evil, there are other rogue states intent on acquiring weapons of mass destruction–particularly biological weapons. Given our vulnerability to attack from biological agents, as evidenced recently in the anthrax releases, it is important to carefully assess and respond to potential proliferators.

[Admin: As early as October there were indications that the anthrax attacks would be used as a pretext for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. On an October 18 appearance on the David Letterman Show, Senator John McCain stated: “There is some indication, and I don’t have the conclusions, but some of this anthrax may — and I emphasize may — have come from Iraq.” Then-ABC News chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross began circulating a story linking the anthrax to Iraq through the alleged additive bentonite]

Libya must honor the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions relating to the resolution of Pan Am 103, arguably the worst air terrorist disaster prior to September 11. Libya has yet to comply fully with these resolutions, which include accepting responsibility and paying compensation. It is past time that Libya did this.

And so I close with four fundamental conclusions. First, that global terrorism has changed the nature of the threat we face

Keeping WMD out of terrorist hands must be a core element of our nonproliferation strategy.

Second, the Administration supports an international dialogue on weapons of mass destruction and encourages countries to educate their publics on the WMD threat. We must not shy away from truth telling.

Third, the Administration will not assume that because a country’s formal subscription to UN counterterrorism conventions or its membership in multilateral regimes necessarily constitutes an accurate reading of its intentions. We call on Libya, Cuba, and Syria to live up to the agreements they have signed.

We will watch closely their actions, not simply listen to their words. Working with our allies, we will expose those countries that do not live up to their commitments.

Finally, the United States will continue to exercise strong leadership in multilateral forums and will take whatever steps are necessary to protect and defend our

interests and eliminate the terrorist threat.

WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 13: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks from the State Department briefing room on June 13, 2019 in Washington, DC. Pompeo said, “It is the assessment of the U.S. government that Iran is responsible for today’s attacks in the Gulf of Oman. These attacks are a threat to international peace and security, a blatant assault on the freedom of navigation, and an unacceptable escalation of tension by Iran.” (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Israel Fingered as Behind Tanker Attack, as President of Company Calls Pentagon Report Fake

Thank you.

The Honorable John R. Bolton is Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.*

A Washington DC non-profit group is suing the US government challenging its authority to provide Israel with foreign aid, arguing that its status – a nuclear power which didn’t sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty – means that aiding it contravenes US law.

“This lawsuit is not about foreign policy. It is about the rule of law, presidential power, the structural limits of the U.S. Constitution, and the right of the public to understand the functions of government and informed petition of the government for redress,” stated the complaint filed By Grant F. Smith, Director of the Institute for Research: Middle East Policy (IRmep).

The lawsuit filed last week in DC federal district court names President Barack Obama, the CIA director and secretaries of Commerce, Defense, Energy, State and Treasury as defendants.

The complaint challenges the authority of the president and federal agencies to deliver foreign aid to Israel, as it is non-signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) with a nuclear weapons programs.

Japanese Tanker Owner Calls US of Israel Liar about Attacks

Japanese tank owner be like

Trump: “We’ll see what happens with Iran. If they do anything it’ll be a very bad mistake, if they do anything.”

Iran: “The US and its regional allies (Israel, Saudis and Gulf Wahhabis) must stop warmongering and put an end to mischievous plots and false flag operations in the region.”

“I was a CIA director, we lied, we cheated we stole… like, we had entire training courses. ~ Mike Pompeo

“the Islamic Republic of Iran was responsible for the attacks that occurred in the Gulf of Oman today” ~ Mike Pompeo

The incident follows another episode in May, when four tankers were damaged near a UAE port allegedly as a result of explosions. While Abu Dhabi dubbed the incident an “act of sabotage”, the US has outright accused Iran of being behind it. Tehran has denied the accusations.

Just as the prime minister of Japan was in an historic visit to Iran (the first since the 1979 revolution), a Japanese-owned tanker (and one other) was attacked in the Persian Gulf. US neocons are pointing the finger at Iran. Does it make sense to attack Japan in the midst of productive talks?

Yutaka Katada, the owner of one of the stricken fuel tankers crippled in explosions in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, says the U.S. is wrong (he means lying, fabricating) about the way the attack was carried out.

Speaking at a press conference in Tokyo on Friday, he contradicted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the U.S. Navy, which released a video that purports to show an Iranian patrol boat removing a limpet mine from the port side of the Kokuka Courageous. Katada said his ship was attacked on the starboard side by a flying object, not by a mine.

“It seems that something flew towards them. That created the hole, is the report I’ve received,” Katada said, according to the Financial Times. “It seems there was a high chance they were attacked by a flying object.

The impact was well above the water. I don’t think it was a torpedo.” The Japanese ship owner did not say who might be responsible for the attack. Iran has vehemently denied it was involved.*

The assessment, predictable from a mile away, squares perfectly with CIA veteran Mike Pompeo’s warning from just two days before the alleged attack, in which he said that “The regime in Tehran should understand that any attacks by them or their proxies of any identity against US interests or citizens will be answered with a swift and decisive US response,” the US Secretary of State wrote in a statement warning that Iran should not mistake US “restraint” for a “lack of resolve,” and criticizing Iran for “an escalating series of threatening actions and statements in recent weeks.”

Two days later Iran – according to US officials – staged the most brazen attack on oil tankers in the Straits of Hormuz in years.

Of course, Iran would have to be utterly irrational to provoke such a sequence of events that culminates with a US campaign against it; so irrational in fact, as to be on par with the false flag chemical attacks staged by the “democratic powers” in Syria on various occasions, whose only purpose was to provoke the Trump administration into launching what were ultimately unsuccessful “regime change” air strikes.

That said,  it now appears that the Trump-Israel administration is fully intent on launching a “limited” military confrontation with Iran. Which, considering that Iran’s biggest geopolitical backers are China and Russian, will be anything but limited.

Nuttyahoo: “Europe must stop appeasing Iran as it plans terror attacks on the continent”

At start of cabinet meeting prime minister also thanks US for closing PLO mission in Washington, and marks 9/11 terror attack

These are like the emperor with no clothes…everyone with eyes and a brain laughs to see and hear them. But no one says a damn thing in fear of losing his head.

sept. 12, 2018
Related image

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened his cabinet meeting Wednesday by stressing that the world must unite against not only against the threat of “Islamic State”, but also against that of Iran.

“It is doing so to a certain extent against “Islamic State” but it is not doing so against Iran,” he said. “On the contrary, what we are seeing is that while Iran is sending terrorist cells to Europe, European leaders are appeasing – and reconciling with – Iran, in the same week that the terrorist cells were due to carry out their operations, which we helped thwart. This is unacceptable.”

Osama bin Laden is dead, “justice has been done”

Image result for BIN LADEN BODY DOUBLE
Osama bin Laden is dead, “justice has been done”, and yet the US war on Afghanistan continues 17 yrs on.  They were not in there for bin Laden in the first place. According to a 1986 state department report, opium “is an ideal crop in a war-torn country since it requires little capital investment, is fast growing and is easily transported and traded”. The US regime is not ‘winning’ in Afghanistan because it is strictly a war for profit. Like all wars. It’s imperialism, stupid!

 2,000 U.S. military personnel have died, the civilian death toll in Afghanistan from the fighting and air strikes, more than 10,000 people killed in 2017 alone. The Taliban is fighting the imperialists and the US puppet govt. just like Ho Che Minh in Vietnam. Allegations of CIA drug trafficking

Funny Report: Syria’s Assad said to OK chlorine gas use in Idlib offensive

The truth

09.10.18 timesofisrael

The Lie

Though US intelligence has suggested Assad okayed using chlorine gas in the assault on Idlib, according to the report, it was not clear whether he also authorized the use of more deadly sarin gas.

The US launched dozens of missiles at a Syrian military airfield last April after dozens were killed in a sarin gas attack on Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib.

On Saturday, the United States’ top general said he and Trump have “routine dialogue” about possible military consequences if the Syrian regime uses chemical weapons in Idlib.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford told reporters in New Delhi that no final decision had been made as yet, Reuters reported.

“But we are in a dialogue, a routine dialogue, with the president to make sure he knows where we are with regard to planning in the event that chemical weapons are used,” said Dunford.

The truth

On 7 April 2017, conspiracy web site Truth Theory revived a now-deleted 2013 story by the British tabloid the Daily Mail (headlined, “U.S. ‘backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime’”). The article’s republishing coincided with an American missile strike retaliating against a chemical attack by the Syrian government on civilians in rebel-held Khan Sheikhoun three days earlier.

The Daily Mail article reported having evidence of an impending “false flag” attack. (A so-called “false flag” is a common conspiracy theory that asserts governments initiate crises — real or fabricated — to lay the groundwork for unpopular actions such as confiscating guns, or, in this case, removing a president from power.) Conspiracy web sites claimed the reason for the article’s deletion was “unclear,” implying that forces intent on hiding a nefarious plot to oust Syrian president Bashar al-Assad pressured the publication to do so.

The Daily Mail article, originally published 29 January 2013, reported that U.S. officials had told a British defense company they had been given a “green light” for chemical weapons use in Syria that could then be blamed on Assad:

Leaked emails have allegedly proved that the White House gave the green light to a chemical weapons attack in Syria that could be blamed on Assad’s regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country.

A report released on Monday contains an email exchange between two senior officials at British-based contractor Britam Defence where a scheme ‘approved by Washington’ is outlined explaining that Qatar would fund rebel forces in Syria to use chemical weapons.

Barack Obama made it clear to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad last month that the U.S. would not tolerate Syria using chemical weapons against its own people.


Israel distorts timeline of events to play victim in the dangerous escalation with Iran and Syria

“Netanyahu appears to have inoculated himself against looming corruption charges due to the dramatic developments on the security front.”


May 10, 2018

Distorting the timeline of events is a longtime Israeli strategy to make its enemies look like the aggressors and pass itself off as the victim. Israel’s massive aerial attacks earlier today on Iranians and Syrians — its most extensive cross-border strikes in decades — are carrying out this propaganda strategy to perfection, and even normally skeptical news outlets are being fooled.

Here’s the actual order of events:

* Just one hour after Donald Trump violated the Iran nuclear deal on May 8, Israel launched missiles against targets south of Damascus, Syria, reportedly killing 15 people, at least 8 of them Iranians.

* In response, Iran early this morning apparently struck back with 20 rockets aimed at the Golan Heights, (which is occupied by Israel since 1967 but is still legally part of Syria).

* Hours later, Israeli warplanes attacked dozens of allegedly Iranian targets in Syria.

The mainstream Western media is falling into Israel’s propaganda trap. Most reports are treating the Iranian rockets as the original provocation, and framing Israel’s massive air strikes as the (understandable) response. Unusually, the New York Times coverage was actually moderately less biased than other outlets, such as the Washington Post and the BBC. The Times at least noted — down in paragraph 12 — that Israel had first attacked Syria right after Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Iran deal.

Nor, so far, are the major media connecting Benjamin Netanyahu’s belligerence to his desperate need to distract from the multiple domestic corruption investigations against him and his wife — an angle some of the Israeli press is not too squeamish to note. In the excellent online publication, +972, Dahlia Scheindlin notes today that Netanyahu’s strategy is working; he “appears to have inoculated himself against looming corruption charges due to the dramatic developments on the security front.” She adds that the latest Israeli opinion polls show Netanyahu’s Likud party with its highest level of support in a decade.

Larry Derfner, the American-turned-Israeli who is one of that country’s most experienced reporters, is hammering away at the truth on his Facebook page:

I’ve been arguing all day against Israel’s policy of continually bombing Syria, Lebanon and Iran, pointing out that they’re not bombing us, we’re bombing them, which means we’re not acting in self defense, we’re the aggressors. . . For [people with the opposing opinion] it doesn’t matter how many times Israel bombs the enemy and the enemy doesn’t bomb back — Israel is still bombing in self-defense and the other side is still the aggressor. Why? Because Israel is Israel and Iran/Syria/Lebanon is Iran/Syria/Lebanon. Israel is right because it is good and they are wrong because they are bad. . .

Iran, Syria and Russia all blame Israel

Key words: “suspected”, “apparently”, and “circumstantial” evidence. Case closed. Let the jet be launched.

Image result for fake white helmets


ISIS-Israeli collusion: not in the Western or Arab oil press

 This won’t be reported in the Western press: but Israeli bombing of Homs seems coordinated with ISIS as its fighters-according to Al-Mayadin-began advancing in the area in the wake of the Israeli raid.

Obvious provocation:

Iran directly threatened Israel on Tuesday following an airstrike on a Syrian air force Monday that killed at least seven Iranian advisers. Israel is taking the Iranian threats very seriously: The northern border is on high alert amid concerns of a possible revenge attack by Iran or Hezbollah, as well as a possible U.S. strike against the Assad regime in retaliation to the chemical attack at Douma.

Russia Vetoes U.S. Bid for Probe That Would Lay Blame for Syria Chemical Attacks

The US uses it’s own cast of criminals in the probe. Edmund Mulet, Head of the three-member Leadership Panel of the JIM, busted for creating “a child export ring” from Guatemala but never put on trial or sentenced. Frightening to think of where those children ended up!

No trace of chemical weapons at alleged attack site in Douma

The specialists “found no traces of the use of chemical agents” after searching the sites, the statement said. The center’s medical specialists also visited a local hospital but found no patients that showed signs of chemical weapons poisoning. “All these facts show… that no chemical weapons were used in the town of Douma, as it was claimed by the White Helmets

The White Helmets

“They are made up of former bakers, builders, taxi drivers, students, teachers, pretty much anything apart from rescue workers,” according to the much repeated phrase used by their British ex-military, USAR (Urban Search & Rescue) trainer, James Le Mesurier who specialises in outsourcing warfare – the kind of private security operations exemplified by the likes of Blackwater (now known as Academi) and DynCorp, and other well-known global suppliers of mercenaries and CIA outreach assassination experts.

Medical relief organization Syrian American Medical Society said 41 people had been killed, with other reports putting the death toll much higher. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 80 people were killed, including around 40 who died from suffocation. The civil defense rescue service, also known as the White Helmets, put the death toll as high as 150 on one of its Twitter feeds.

Israel is Lying, What They Bombed in 2007 Wasn’t a Nuclear Facility

Israel has been stealing nuclear secrets and covertly making bombs since the 1950s.

”We have a clear stance in Syria: we do not wish to see any nuclear bombs in the Middle East Region; there is no need for this. Of course, we also do not want to see the nuclear weapons, which Israel possesses.”-Bashar Al-Assad

Image result for Israel lies

The Israelis are lying because what they bombed in 2007 was not a nuclear facility because it is very well known that Syria doesn’t have such kinds of facilities and actually there isn’t any nuclear program in Syria. They targeted a certain military base in Syria under the pretext of attacking a nuclear facility, so because of that at the present time they are revealing that to send a signal to Iran that they are ready to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities and the Israeli air force is able to reach any place in the region.

Israel, unlike Iran, never signed up to the 1968 NPT so could not violate it. But it almost certainly broke a treaty banning nuclear tests, as well as countless national and international laws restricting the traffic in nuclear materials and technology.

The list of nations that secretly sold Israel the material and expertise to make nuclear warheads, or who turned a blind eye to its theft, include today’s staunchest campaigners against proliferation: the US, France, Germany, Britain and even Norway.

Israel’s arms industry too, is a useful service for western powers. It markets its weapons as “battle tested” – an euphemistic way to say they have been tried out on Palestinian civilians. Testing arms – from drones to “less lethal” riot control weapons – on a literally captive population against which the settler-colonial regime is waging a constant low-intensity warfare.

Israel lied about who broke the truce. Israel lies about everything.

Israel carries out a military operation every few years

Israel on display through it’s own movies: This is the daily situation in Gaza until Israel invents the pretext or a false flag event (killing it’s  own citizens)and brings out it’s most advanced weapons and soldiers for a weapons sales display.

“There is something wrong with a regime that requires a pyramid of corpses every few years”.-George Orwell

Peaceful times? Sales plummet

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12-year-old Palestinian boy Muhammad al-Durrah is shot to death in his father’s arms by Israeli troops On September 30, 2000

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Since 2000 Israel has had some form of military operation lasting a few weeks every few years: Defensive Shield (in the West Bank) in 2002; the Second Lebanon War in 2006; Cast Lead in 2008-09; and Pillar of Defense in 2012. In almost every case, new military technology or weapons were used – which had a positive effect on overseas sales.

The numbers show that, after the initial period of criticism against Israel after the various operations quiet down, sales pick up. And there has been continuous growth in defense exports in recent years. In 2002, such exports were worth $2 billion, grew to $3.4 billion in 2006, and were $6 billion in 2012. In 2013, the three largest defense contractors all showed increases in sales: Elbit had annual revenues of $3 billion; IAI $2.65 billion; and Rafael $2 billion. At 15%, Rafaels sales showed the highest growth rate.

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The local defense industries provide jobs – directly and indirectly – for some 150,000 people in Israel. About 1,000 firms are registered with the Defense Ministry as arms suppliers, and 680 have export licenses. Some 320 marketers around the world are registered with the ministry, people who are located overseas and sell the wares supplied by Israeli defense firms.

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Daily life

The ministry refuses to reveal the overall figures on Israeli arms exports, but some of the data was revealed last year after a human-rights activist filed a suit here. It transpired that $3.83 billion-worth of deals were signed in 2012 with Asian countries; $1.73 billion with European nations; $1.1 billion with Canada and the United States; $604 million with Latin America; and $107 million in Africa.

Israel admitted to sales with only five countries – the United States, Spain, Britain, South Korea and Kenya – but Haaretz has found there were deals with at least 33 more countries, including many in the Third World.

During the last two Israeli wars on Gaza, “Operation Cast Lead” in 2009 and “Operation Protective Edge” in 2014, Israel used its full military force and weapons of questionable legitimacy.

“We were promised that we would have the clearance from Israelis and the road would be cleared. Neither happened.”

In the words of David Halpin, a retired British surgeon and trauma specialist, Gaza was “used as a laboratory for testing what I call weapons from hell”. These included shells containing white phosphorus and dense inert metal explosives (Dime).

Many reports confirm Israel has used shells containing white phosphorus, known as WP. It is regulated under Protocol III of the Convention of Certain Weapons (CCW), part of the Geneva Convention, for use as a smokescreen, but not as a direct weapon against civilians or military targets close to civilians.

Most cases reported of individuals affected by WP in Gaza were civilians.

WP sticks to the skin and causes severe burns. It eats bones and muscles and damages vital organs.

Recent research in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, shows that teratogens found in WP were present in the hair of “newborns with congenital birth defects or developmentally premature birth in a cohort of couples with documented parental exposure to military attacks”.

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1978- A family flees Beirut in the trunk of a car following bombardment by the Israeli Air Force

The Israeli forces say they have not used WP on civilians, or for any purpose other than illumination or screening.

Dime attacks

The Israeli military has also been accused of using Dime weapons in Gaza since 2006. This style of explosive was developed by the US army to have a maximum blast effect with a minimal blast radius.

Dime weapons operate at extremely high temperatures and can burn through body tissue. They also use tungsten, which is carcinogenic. Therefore, if civilians are not killed instantly by the explosion or later from their wounds, they can still die years later from exposure to tungsten.

According to Electronic intifada, Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor, reported that during Operation Cast Lead: “There were a large number of patients with horrendous injuries. Limbs had been cut off as if a huge axe had chopped through them with immense force, cutting through skin, muscles and bones. Bones would be shattered and severed.”

Dime munitions, however, are new, and not covered by the CCW. The first step would be bring them under this convention.

For WP which is covered by the CCW the only option is to prohibit it, to stop it causing further suffering.

The international community is obliged to make sure rules are respected, and to stop countries like Israel treating others as laboratories for weapons experiments.