In first, Brazil’s president celebrates “Israeli Independence” Day

BRASILIA –- Jair Bolsonaro became Brazil’s first president to attend an Israel Independence Day ceremony this week.
An ardently pro-Israel Christian, the right-wing politician was honored at a Wednesday event marking Israel’s 71st anniversary at the Israeli embassy in Brasilia, where he received a commemorative plaque.

If Brazil and Venezuela are to survive this dark, dark period, the peoples of these respective great nations must come to terms with the simple fact that it is not merely “Imperialism” which is seeking to destroy their nationalist-socialisms and impose economic neoliberalism on their societies, but International Jewry’s ZIO-IMPERIALISM which is seeking to impose TOTAL neoliberalism on their societies in the political, financial, cultural and even spiritual sectors, hence the blatant “Christian” Zionist surge as of recent.

Resistance on all fronts is the only antidote to this growing poisonous trend, and if it is not fiercely engaged in, as Venezuelan President and Chavez successor Nicolas Maduro is desperately attempting to do now, then the darkness is not only going to continue, but worsen to levels not seen since Guatemala in ’54, Brazil in ’64, Chile in ’73, Argentina in ’76 and in more recent times, Honduras in ’09, ALL PUT TOGETHER. Our full solidarity with the Latin American peoples in the face of Empire Judaica’s storm.* Welcome To Post-Coup Brazil, Where Jews and “Christian” Zionists Run Wild

Amid flourishing ties between Jerusalem and Brasilia, Jair Bolsonaro joins country’s supreme court president and senate president at Israeli embassy event
When Jair Bolsonaro was elected President of Brazil there were people on the nationalist right who lauded him as ‘Brazil’s Trump’ and some kind of ‘Nationalist’.

(1) The problem with that thesis is that Jair Bolsonaro is a man completely beholden not to Brazil’s national interests but to those of Israel.

Bolsonaro is an evangelical Christian along with his wife

(2) and a significant part of his support base are members of the Brazil’s rapidly growing community of evangelical Christians.

(3) – in addition to a significant number of converts to Judaism –

(4) that are indoctrinated by the ‘Israel Right or Wrong’ attitudes of so-called ‘patriotic’ evangelical Christians in the United States.

(5) He also happens to be a friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

(6) and has openly prostrated Brazil’s national interests to vote however Israel wants him to on issues regarding the Middle East at the United Nations.

(7) He also claims that Palestine ‘isn’t a state’ and has moved to close the Palestinian embassy in Brazil’s capital of Brasilia on this spurious basis

(8) – which was immediately walked back by his advisers but he is now being pressed to enact it in person by the Israeli Prime Minister

(9) with the latter confident he can force his puppet to do his bidding –

(10) and even Israeli media – such as the leading newspaper ‘Ha’aretz’ – has pointed out that Bolsonaro’s election is a significant boon for Netanyahu’s government given that current Israeli ambassador to Brazil – Danny Dayan – is an Israeli settler and the previous left-wing Brazilian government of Dilma Rousseff refused to recognize him as a result.

According to the Brazilian people, Israel is an oppressor, an illegitimate country, and the occupier of a Palestine that encompasses all the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. It is not a coincidence that in the 2010 presidential elections, Brazilians living in the Palestinian territories voted for Workers’ Party candidate Dilma Rousseff, while those living in Israel voted for her opponent.

A Zionist coup  replaced Dilma Rousseff  with  President Michel Temer later charged with racketeering (surprise?) etal. I was surprised when he was actually held accountable. So Israel kept trying.

(11)  Therefore it is no surprise to read ‘World Israel News’ reporting that:

‘To underline Israel’s importance to his supporters, president-elect Bolsonaro has vowed to include the Jewish state on his first presidential trip abroad. He gave his first foreign press interview to the right-leaning Israeli daily Israel Hayom.’

(12) So in effect Bolsonaro not only is to visit Israel first in his presidency – scheduled for March 2019 –

(13) but also gave his first interview as President-Elect to ‘Israel Hayom’ (literally ‘Israel Today’) which is owned by jewish neo-conservative sugar daddy and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and was ghost-edited by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu until it was exposed by the questioning of Arnon ‘Noni’ Mozes – owner of the competing Israeli newspaper ‘Yedioth Ahronoth’ – and has been the subject to an ongoing corruption investigation ever since.

(14) Another good example of Bolsonaro attitude is that when he was stabbed in the street while successfully campaigning for election to the presidency.

He refused to be treated by Arab or Muslim doctors and demanded only jewish doctors treat him because ‘he is a Christian’ (15) and Netanyahu attended Bolsonaro’s inauguration in person.

(16)  Others are that Bolsonaro has immediately forced through a law requiring that jews in Brazil get every jewish holiday off as if it were a national holiday

(17) and spent millions of taxpayer dollars purchasing drones from corruption scandal plagued IAI (‘Israel Aerospace Industries’) to be used by the Brazilian agricultural sector. (18)

Add to that the fact that Bolsonaro has a Hebrew first name ‘Jair’ – which means ‘To Spread Light’ –

(19) and that his son Brazilian congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro is close to titular ruler of the United States Jared Kushner

(20) and acts as diplomatic back channel between the jewish-dominated US administration of Donald Trump and the incoming Bolsonaro administration in Brazil.

(21) In essence then it is easy to see that despite gaslighting by so-called ‘nationalists’ claiming that Bolsonaro is a ‘nationalist’. The Brazilian President-Elect is a willing agent of the Israeli state not a Brazilian nationalist who wants to put the Brazilian national interest first.