Unhinged Jewish Sadism Unleashed

Israel is getting away with these many crimes for a single reason: They use Mafia gangster tactics to anyone who opposes them.

What does this mean? First they use polite smiling face bribery to get Congress to do their bidding.

If that fails, then everyone in Congress knows that some relatives may have accidents or disappear from the landscape or more.

Israel is run by very evil criminal thugs who must be stopped.

Who did 9/11/01 to our country with the aid of criminals Bush, Cheney and some four star generals?

Israel again!

It was deliberately blamed on Muslim Patsies but Israel did it!

Congress has been bribed and threatened to support this evil group of cowards.

Congress must all resign today or be voted out of office and replaced by other Americans who will reject the evil criminal activities of the despicable Al Capone Gang running Israel and aided by Donald Adolph Hitler our reprehensible coward so called President or orders murders of officials of other countries he hates like General Solemani of Iran.